Sales personnel present via tablet, end customers shop on-the-go on their smartphones or take out insurance via apps, cell phone contracts are administered through mobile customer selfcare portals. Mobile applications and portals simplify and accelerate processes in the business world, in both the private B2C sector as well as in a B2B environment. AOE develops customized mobile applications (apps), with high usability and performance for B2C- and B2B implementation, which meet your corporate requirments and strategic goals.

Mobile Data Availability

Access relevant information from any place, at any time – quickly and comfortably

Sales Support

Central provisioning of sales-relevant information, such as brochures and demos

Digitalized Workflows

Efficient and automated business processes supported by mobile web applications

Challenges Companies face in the Mobile Apps Sector

  • Trend Mobility: Rapid increase of mobile end devices changes user behavior
  • Mobile Commerce: Customers expect websites and shops to be optimized for mobile use
  • Digitalization: Increased networking of digital service offerings
  • Information Management: Providing relevant information to employees on a mobile basis
  • Mobile Marketing: Up-to-date, personalized marketing across all channels at the right time and place
  • Local Sales: Support for sales staff through locally available product information and -documents
  • Process Optimization: Optimal use of resources through efficient processes
AOE develops and connects mobile business applications and mobile commerce portals with a focus on usability and optimal business processes. Our Apps empower platforms for efficient use by mobile end devices and provisioning of business-relevant information as well as making sophisticated mobile commerce solutions available – anytime, anywhere.

Possible Uses for Mobile Applications

Mobile applications can be useful tools and represent a decisive edge with respect to the competition. Mobile apps have numerous possible applications – both in B2B and B2C:

B2B Mobile Business Apps

  • Internal Communications: Central provisioning of relevant information for partners and employees
  • Efficient Workflows: Digitalization and coordination of business processes across departments
  • Automation: Efficient and fast processes through workflow automation
  • Sales: Mobile CRM access to customer data, sales-relevant information such as product data, brochures, presentation and demos
  • Synchronization: Cross-media synchronization of all data and portal information
  • Interfaces: Connection of mobile portals with additional systems such as intranets
  • Knowledge Management: Location-independent access to corporate knowledge and information from the intranet
  • Business Process Optimization: Inter-department digital control of information and workflows

B2C Mobile Apps for End Customers

  • Multiplatform Application: Native iOs and Android app, cross-plattorm app or Responsive Design
  • Mobile Commerce: Marketplaces for mobile E-Commerce via apps, responsive or mobile web shops
  • Omnichannel E-Commerce: Seamless shopping experience across all channels and end devices
  • Order Management: Digital order quote and offer (e.g. from insurances and financial services)
  • Location-Based Services: Provide your customers with location-related advertising, marketing or product information
  • Customer Selfcare: Self-management of customer data by the user
  • Social Media: Connect digianl and social offering and media

AOE develops complex mobile applications and portal solutions, for both B2B- and B2C implementation. Our portal solutions comprise mobile commerce, sales support, business process optimization as well as the central provisioning of information, among others.

Examples of Mobile Business Apps

  • Mobile Commerce Shop: Via apps, responsive or mobile web shops
  • Mobile Web Portal: Central provisioning of corporate data such as CRM- or product information
  • Mobile Web Applications: Support for and digitalization of business processes via Internet and intranet
  • Location-Based Shopping: Push  messages about personalized offers based on preferences and current location of the customer
  • Social Commerce: Live-shopping and auction platform

Mobile Websites vs. App

Companies can reach their target audiences at nearly anytime or place through mobile websites or -apps. For global companies and corporations, both options are central elements of their marketing strategy to increase customer loyalty, generate revenue as well as optimize and automate business processes.

Mobile Websites

  • Mobile Website or Responsive Design based on the web version
  • Online offers can be accessed comfortably on-the-go
  • Platform-independence increases reach
  • No app installation necessary, accessible using any browser
  • CMS and Responsive Design einable simple mobile optimization
  • Lower development costs
  • Mobile pages are SEO-relevant
  • With mobile portals or mobile web shops you reach your customers on the move and can address them individually through targeted offers

Mobile App

  • More cost intensive due to differen operating systems (iOs, Android, Windows)
  • Longer development time
  • App download necessary
  • Fast load times, information is easily and quickly downloaded
  • More powerful, more design freedom and ofter a better UX
  • App access to content (e.g. photographs) and functions (e.g. camera) possible, which, for example, makes easy social sharing of photographs possible
  • Offline use possible
  • Push messages with location-specific offers achieve high level of attention with low costs
  • Strong customer loyalty
  • Business apps make efficient workflows possible
  • Time- and location-independent mobile access to corporate data by employees

Mobile Applications with AOE

Mobile Commerce

Improve reach and increase sales through mobile channels


Connect your platforms and channels for a seamless omnichannel experience

App or Responsive

Optimal solution for your business case with Responsive Design, cross-channel or native app

Sales Support

Sales-relevant information available mobile at any time, in any place

Information Management

Constant availability of internal company data and information

Mobile Business App

Browser-based mobile web application for corporate use

Mobile First

Focusing on mobile end devices when defining the online strategy

Efficient Workflows

Optimized work flows and digitalized processes lead to more efficient use of resources and a quicker time-to-market

Systems Integration

Optimal coordination ensures perfect interaction of all platforms, systems, software programs and IT infrastructures

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