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From Zero to Cloud

DevOps Best Practices

0,5 - 1,5 days Remote
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How do you set up the infrastructure for a stable cloud platform for long-term, trouble-free operation? In this training, we will show what clean development and deployment processes can look like both when migrating an existing infrastructure to the cloud and when setting up a new cloud-native infrastructure.

In addition to the application side, we will examine the infrastructure side in particular – and demonstrate best practices, solution modules, and experiences from past projects.

We will also look at the status of your infrastructure and show you ways in which the migration can be successfully approached or continued in your specific case.

The focus of the content depends entirely on your current and individual needs.


The training provides a detailed insight into cloud-native infrastructures. The aim is to discuss common problems and challenges in a targeted manner and to identify solutions. The goal is to enable the responsible persons on the customer side to create and sustainably operate an optimal infrastructure in the cloud in the future.


Our DevOps training will enable you to assess how DevOps can be introduced in an IT organization. Among other things, you will learn

  • which essential DevOps definitions there are
  • which best practices within the application and service lifecycles promote collaboration between the IT experts involved
  • how automated deployment of software and infrastructure changes lead to continuous integration, go-live, and delivery (keyword: "continuous delivery," which is covered extensively)

The content will be taught to participants "hands-on" using common best practices, solution modules, and lessons learned from our past projects.

Training structure:

  1. Cloud Basics
  2. 12-factor apps
  3. Cloud-native architecture
  4. Infrastructure as Code
  5. Pets vs. cattle
  6. High availability, reliability, scalability
  7. Security
  8. Provisioning
  9. Observability (Logging, Monitoring, Alerting, Tracing)
  10. CI/CD
  11. Team processes and structures

Note: The content focus of the training can be individually adapted to the customer's needs.

Organizational information

  • Suitable for all teams
  • Language: English or German, depending on preference
  • Time: 0.5 days - 1.5 days
  • Location: online
  • Group size: from 5 to 8 participants
Timo Pinzauti

Timo Pinzauti

Head of Technology / IT WORKS GmbH
AOE is an extremely good hub for connecting on a wide variety of topics. During the trainings, we were able to benefit enormously from this wealth of experience. Especially in the area of cloud infrastructure, we were able to build and develop our infrastructure according to our needs through collaboration.
Kevin Schu

Our trainer: Kevin Schu

Kevin Schu is a DevOps enthusiast and Infrastructure Automation Specialist. As Director of Cloud and DevOps Consulting at AOE, he helps clients migrate to the cloud and sharpen their cloud strategy, as well as build high-performance DevOps organizations. As a backend developer and architect, he has spent years supporting highly available and highly scalable IT systems in a wide range of industries. Since 2018, he has been working exclusively in DevOps & Cloud and has since been involved with public cloud, zero trust, CI/CD and Kubernetes, among others.