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Launch AOE Careers: Beyond a typical career page

February 15, 2024
Anna HolitznerAnna HolitznerHead of Employer Branding

In Germany, there are 149,000 unfilled IT jobs. That's another 12,000 more than a year ago.

In a world where top-notch IT specialists are in high demand, and the skills shortage presents challenges for all of us, we cannot afford to remain in the shadows. That's why we've rolled up our sleeves and created a career page like no other. There, we showcase what makes us as an employer unique. Personal and emotional, but also loud, clear, and unmistakable.

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Ready for identification, not just job opportunities

In today's fast-paced world, it's no longer enough to simply be present. We need to actively reach out to applicants and convince them of us. And that's exactly the opportunity we're seizing with our new career page. Nowadays, everyone knows that content is king. With carefully crafted content tailored to the needs of software developers, we differentiate ourselves from the competition with AOE Careers, a specialized microsite. Just as one wouldn't look for ties in the women's shoe department, job seekers shouldn't have to struggle through irrelevant website content.


Meeting expectations: technology, transparency, and team spirit in focus

IT professionals expect a career page to be fast, user-friendly, and mobile-optimized. Outdated content, boring job listings, and lack of structure are a no-go. Contact should be easy, and applications should be possible in just a few clicks.

But it's not just about the technology. The content must be right. Our target audience has little patience for empty phrases or exaggerated promises. What matters are facts: information about the technologies used, insights into current projects, and real reports from colleagues.

Culture is also crucial. Those who want to work with us should be able to get a sense of what it's like to be part of our team. This includes a specific budget for further education, top-notch equipment, challenging projects, and an environment that works and communicates on an equal footing. We value expertise and self-organization. We don't just want to create a work-life balance; rather, we aim to harmoniously integrate both areas and return to a true life balance. That's why we rely on an agile mindset and methods as well as high flexibility.

"If you browse through our career page, you might think it sounds too good to be true. But hand on heart, AOE is truly an exceptional employer. Despite the daily challenges, it's a fantastic place to work. Being part of this crew is a lot of fun, and I would always recommend us. Taking a look at AOE Careers and reminding yourself of what a strong team we are and what we achieve truly opens your eyes and shows why you want to be here – and that's really great!"

Klara, Frontend Developer

Storytelling for an exceptional Candidate Journey

With the relaunch of our career page, we have not only covered all these aspects but perfected them. The goal was to create our own subdomain that not only presents the attractive brand of the AOE Group but also provides a real insight into our company – with the help of videos, photos, and voices of colleagues. With a well-thought-out user experience and targeted call to actions, we create a candidate journey that is authentic, emotional, and personal. This is how we design a career page that not only informs but also inspires and creates identification – even for those who have never spoken to us in person.


Our new career page is the masterpiece of true experts. Jakob and Sara, the creative minds, were there from the beginning, providing both content and technical support and carrying our story into the world. Steffen, our designer, transformed our vision into visible reality. Martin worked his magic in development, ensuring top-notch implementation with flexibility and technical expertise. The recruiting team sharpened the content with their insider knowledge. And the feedback from our target audience, especially from Marvin and Klara, added the finishing touches. This was teamwork at its finest!

Without a doubt, one person deserves special mention: Jakob. A huge thank you goes to him because in the weeks leading up to the launch of our career page, he was the rock in the storm. Whenever I was overwhelmed by the intricacies of TYPO3 or simply needed a fresh perspective, Jakob was there. He not only gave his all to get everything done on time but also proved to be an excellent sparring partner. It was the long hours we spent discussing together. Jakob, without your valuable support and calming presence, this project would not have become what it is now. A huge thank you for being by my side.