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DevOpsCon: Zero Trust - the hard way

June 14, 2023
Kevin SchuKevin SchuDirector Cloud & Devops

Kevin Schu and Daniel Pötzinger presented "Zero Trust - the hard way" on the DevOpsCon conference 2023 in Berlin. Please find the video of the talk below.

About the presentation: 

"With digital boundaries disappearing, a new, adapted security concept is of the essence. "Zero Trust" may sound like a harsh principle, but it is exactly the adaptation needed today. This radical security model change is followed by a far-reaching change in infrastructure, processes and, ultimately, culture; and at first glance, this seems like a daunting task.

Having successfully implemented Zero Trust for our customers multiple times, I have some learnings to share: from the initial problems and challenges to the full-scale implementation, from code repository and CI/CD, to service-to-service communication. Besides that, I'll also highlight what to consider, what kind of tools can help, and what the cultural implications are."

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Keynote Video: "Zero Trust - The Hard Way"

See the keynote video below or on YouTube

Keynote table of content

  • 0:18 Keynote Topics and Introduction
  • 1:18 The Equifax hack - and how it could have been avoided
  • 4:48 Security with Zero Trust
  • 7:06 Zero Trust Aspects
  • 7:55 Why it is hard
  • 10:00 Identity & Identity Awareness - Deep Dive
  • 17:33 Device Authentication
  • 18:27 Networking & Firewall
  • 19:48 Application Security - Deep Dive
  • 26:34 Infrastructure Security
  • 29:03 Secure Data Handling
  • 29:53 Secure Development and Delivery
  • 32:32 Security Monitoring
  • 33:05 Organization and Culture
  • 34:27 How Equifax could have avoided the hack
  • 35:08 Summary, Facts and Tipps
  • 37:05 Q&A

Top 5 key takeaways

  1. Never trust, always verify
  2. Strong identity as a base for your zero trust network
  3. Know the standards, how they work, their functions and options
  4. Build apps as if they were public - don't rely on any perimeters around them
  5. Don't stop, keep up - work on continuous improvement

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