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Expertise / Searchperience

Obtaining the right information at exactly the right time can be difficult. We make it easy.

Customizable API Integrations

Expose data-sets in any pre-defined format. Searchperience exposes information that is tailored to the needs of any API consumers.

Customizable Indexing Pipelines

Document indexing pipelines and boosting are fully adaptable to custom business requirements.

Machine Learning

Adaptable system that learns from user interaction with any web property and improves based on these statistics.

Intelligent Search for high traffic loads

Searchperience is ideal for business cases where consumers need a search solution that can handle high traffic loads with high availability. This is given thanks to a strong architecture, cloud native foundations and an intelligent learning system.

Information Management

Pass the bulk of data management to Searchperience. Customizable to any specific requirement our goal is to make your data more accessible to you and your customers.

Easy Integration

Connect Searchperience to every single one of your information sources. All valid information will be aggregated into a single unified interface. 

Learning System

Improve user experience through optimized search results based on user behavior. What's more, a recommendation system allows users to discover new content.

Cloud Native, Powered by Elasticsearch

As a cloud native solution, Searchperience can be deployed easily, offers high availability even with high traffic volume, and is future-proof for years to come.

Daniel Pötzinger

Daniel Pötzinger

We developed Searchperience to close the gap between information and users. Our goal: to make every search a delightful and engaging experience.

Search and E-Commerce

A reliable search solution can significantly increase traffic, conversion rates and improve customer experience.

Typo Tolerance

Help customers to find the content they are looking for easily and quickly by automatically correcting spelling errors.

Filtering & Faceting

Allow for a better search experience by refining search results based on almost any attribute on the product data. Facets are computed in real-time so they will always show the right information.


Deliver customers up-to-date information by swiftly processing changes in the product’s price, stock, etc.


Make anything from the catalog directly accessible from the search bar with results that update in real time.


Engage customers or promote content by displaying specific groups of products to any section on your website.


Deliver personalized recommendations based on product similarity or by analyzing the search history of your customer.


Base the ranking of search results on intelligent analysis of customers' interactions.


Promote selected content by making it more relevant on specific brand or category pages.

Smart Keywords

Enrich and enhance search experience based on user interactions.

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We use HubSpot CRM to process and manage contact and information requests. Please accept the "Functional Cookies" and reload the page to load the contact form.