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Leading people to better health. Digital meets
human touch.

Digital services and cloud-powered patient interactions are transforming healthcare by using artificial intelligence and data science to deliver more accurate and personalized treatment and to put people at the center of all processes. In a highly regulated healthcare industry, data protection and cybersecurity become key pillars for building trusted digitally-powered patient experiences. 

Reshaping the healthcare industry with 4P vision.

Even Hippocrates favored the idea of a tailored treatment. This idea manifested itself in the 4P medicine method: Personalized, predictive, preventive, and participatory. 4P medicine encourages a convergence of systems medicine, the digital revolution, and consumer-driven healthcare. As a leading digital healthcare expert, we have a proven track record of helping our customers utilize the latest technology with a lean incubator approach. Our agile teams work side-by-side with you to to confront upcoming challenges and take advantage of new opportunities in this growing field.

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For the better.

For Patients

Plan, interact, and learn to foster sustainable health. Experience seamless, easy-to-use digital services – just the way we all like them.

For Providers

Achieve an engaging, managed interoperability with a focus on healthcare processes for hospitals, physicians and medical staff.

For Pharma

Provide ways to reach new audiences at relevant touchpoints, increasing awareness, and developing drugs based on data insights.

For Payers

Create efficient, interoperable, and interconnected digital business processes, resulting in lower costs, greater patient loyalty, and happy employees.

Digital Experience Management
for Healthcare

Digital Experience Management aims to provide all process participants in their respective roles with the relevant and current information at the relevant time in order to ensure processes in the healthcare sector are carried out in the best possible way, efficiently and end-to-end without media disruption. With great benefits for all participants.

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10 years of healthcare 

Mundipharma – a leading pain management and oncology expert and one of our longest standing customers for more than 10 years of trusted healthcare collaboration. 

A selection of our healthcare clients

Our core pillars for digital healthcare solutions

Web Platforms

Provide an experience through a smart combination of multi-touchpoint user journeys and personalized information.

Tailored Software

Create new digital process solutions or products and leverage existing business potential. Implement new ideas and learn quickly from the results.


Protect the most valuable assets – from patient data to IP – and ensure security throughout the whole solution lifecycle.

Data Science & AI

Predict risks before they appear. Detect problems before they become obvious. Support decisions with knowledge drawn from data.

Prepare for the new generation of omni-connected users, who want choice, transparency, and convenience at their fingertips – before, during and after their healthcare-related interactions.
Transform healthcare into a trusted journey with an enhanced range of available digital services and solutions. Offer a seamless state-of-the-art user experience.

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We use HubSpot CRM to process and manage contact and information requests. Please accept the "Functional Cookies" and reload the page to load the contact form.