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Development & Technology
Development & Technology

Transforming ambitious ideas into business solutions. We make your visions reality.

The spirit we bring to help achieve your ambitions: Develop state-of-the-art digital solutions. Unlock business potential. Implement new ideas, analyze results and learn directly from them. Be innovative and set new standards.

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Agile software development of future-proof solutions
based on the state-of-the-art technologies

Customized software: creating competitive advantages

More than standard solutions: Addressing complex industry problems and individual customer needs.

Scalable platforms: Expand business models

API-based solutions and modern architecture enable flexible responses and adaptability to empower long-term success.

Made in Germany

No offshoring: Experienced development teams, collaboration at eye-level, long-term added value.

Best-of-breed approach.
Open source mentality.
Individual solutions.

In agile collaboration with our customers, we develop sustainable solutions that solve complex problems, open up new business areas and create competitive advantages. Depending on the requirements, we rely on a mix of existing enterprise software and individual developments.

Your advantages:
6 reasons for agile software development with AOE

Short iterations:
Learn, adapt, deliver

Rapid implementation (MVP), regular feature updates, early learning, and increasing ROI.

Experience & expertise
for your team

Knowledge and expertise from many development projects and in-depth experience with state-of-the-art technologies.

responsibility & trust

Success through collaboration, ownership, and expertise. Transparent ways of working and the awareness to achieve more together with our customers.

cross-functional teams

No hiring, no team storming: experienced, agile expert teams with the right skills for performance from day one.

Learning from
experience & mistakes

Experience in tackling complex problems. Drawing new conclusions with added value from mistakes. Growing and learning with challenges.

Quality &
innovation driver

Creative approaches to solutions and innovative technologies. Solving complex problems by developing novel solutions.

Case Study:
From DTAG's agile incubator to
Germany's leading MVNO.

Understanding of the market. Innovative thinking. Disruptive technologies.
Trust in agile methods. Close collaboration.
For more than a decade,
congstar and AOE have been working together to develop
Europe's leading MVNO technology stack.

Hear directly from congstar on what made this 13-year partnership
such a shared success.

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Dr. Peter Opdemom

Dr. Peter Opdemom

Managing Director Marketing, Service and Sales / congstar
AOE is clearly at the forefront of change when it comes to deploying technology in a way that will deliver significant benefits to our customers.

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We use HubSpot CRM to process and manage contact and information requests. Please accept the "Functional Cookies" and reload the page to load the contact form.