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Terraform in action

Introduction and basics

1 - 2 days Remote
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Efficient and sustainable use of Terraform requires a lot of experience. Mistakes made in the beginning are difficult to refactor later. We will give you an overview of Terraform, help you get started and explain why Terraform is a good choice and how to use it efficiently.


Participants of the training will have a basic understanding of Terraform, an overview of the Terraform ecosystem and its concepts. The training will explain conventions and useful tools as complements. You will benefit from important best practices and must-haves from years of project experience.


In the Terraform in action training, you will learn important basics about Terraform and its concepts. Our experienced trainers show you best practices and no-go's from years of project experience with Terraform and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC). We explain how to avoid costly mistakes in the setup and what is important when executing your CI/CD.

Your learnings will be deepened and practically applied through several practice-oriented Labs & exercise units. The content focus of the training is customizable to individual needs.

Training structure:

  • Basics: What is Infrastructure-as-Code
  • Terraform & alternatives
  • Terraform basics
  • Expressions & functions
  • Terraform provider & modules
  • Staging/environments with Terraform
  • Labs & exercises
  • CI/CD
  • Conventions, best practices & useful tool additions
Timo Pinzauti

Timo Pinzauti

Head of Technology / IT WORKS GmbH
AOE is an extremely good hub for connecting on a wide variety of topics. During the trainings, we were able to benefit enormously from this wealth of experience. Especially in the area of cloud infrastructure, we were able to build and develop our infrastructure according to our needs through collaboration.
Fabrizio Branca

Our trainer: Fabrizio Branca

Fabrizio Branca is a Senior DevOps Engineer. After building the AOE team in San Francisco, he is now back in Wiesbaden, Germany, developing and running cloud infrastructure for Data Science and other global projects. Fabrizio provides his extensive consulting expertise and has supported numerous enterprise projects. His focus areas are Continuous Integration and AWS as well as their automation.