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Bringing industrial value creation into the digital era.

Automation of manufacturing and industrial practices holds new opportunities for more efficiency in production processes. Seize these opportunities by making use of innovative technologies – and open up new business cases. 

To adequately leverage the opportunities of digitalization and succeed with their business models and value propositions in dynamic markets, companies must create sustainable and future-proof structures in the mentioned dimensions.

Key success factors include openness to new partner structures and collaborations, as well as customer involvement through digital technologies in individual steps of the value creation process.

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Saturated markets, changing consumer behavior, outdated infrastructure.

Does that sound familiar?

With extensive experience in creating advanced technical solutions and deep expertise in digitalizing manufacturing industries, we understand your unique needs and can find the best solution for you. We support every stage of your project, from Proof of Concept (PoC) to prototyping and beyond.

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What we do

Solve your challenges with these use cases

Embedded systems and solutions

State-of-the-art software development for smart devices and special hardware as well as hardware selection consulting

Industry user experience

High-quality user experience concepts to allow humans to work effectively and efficiently with industrial systems

Platform Solutions

Drive faster innovation and scale with a platform ecosystem strategy. Deliver new API-based business models

Digitizing ordering processes

Digitizing supply chains right from the order stage

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Our experienced experts dig deep into your case to understand the requirements, analyze the infrastructure together with your IT team, and develop concrete solutions. With our knowledge and experience, we add to the skill set of your team – for more speed and efficiency.


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Not ready to jump yet?

The scope of your project is giving you sleepless nights? Are you worried that your budget is not sufficient?

Over a thousand successfully completed IT projects have prepared us for your questions. Spend one day with us to get to know your project better. Together, we can refine your vision and then you can start from there.

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  • 1 day evaluation
  • Tailored analysis
  • Up to three AOE specialists
  • Snacks, drinks and a friendly, easy-going atmosphere



  • A profound project briefing
  • An elaborate effort estimation
  • A realistic timeline with milestones
  • An overview of next steps

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