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Manufacturing & Industry 4.0
Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

Digitalization of industrial value creation. Competitive into the future.

Automation of manufacturing and industrial practices holds new opportunities for more efficiency in production processes. Seize these opportunities by making use of innovative technologies – and open up new business cases.

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Create competitive advantage

Exploit potential through modern technology

Efficiency &
Local Value Creation

Increasing resource efficiency allows reducing global depencencies and risks. Local production gets more efficient again as well as economic and environmental resources can be saved.

Dynamic &
Flexible Production

Smart and interconnectable machines and devices allow dynamic and flexible production processes. Models like "Production on Demand" and "Mass Customization" can be enabled.

New Business Cases &
Cloud Add-ons

Digitalizing processes and production opens up new business and use cases. Services can be extended with cloud add-ons, mobile device management and remote support.

Industry 4.0
Make use of the trends

Industry 4.0 (the “fourth industrial revolution”) refers to the current trend toward improved automation, machine-to-machine and human-to-machine communication by using modern and smart technology.

The variety of technological trends within the field of Industry 4.0 opens up opportunities for all kinds of projects and problems.

Accompanying the entire journey
From Proof of Concept to Market Fit

Years of experience in developing complex technical solutions and in-depth knowledge in digitalization of various manufacturing industry focus areas enables us to understand your individual case and find the optimal solution.

Proof of concept (PoC), prototyping, most viable product (MVP) and beyond – we accompany all phases of your project. In addition to delivering the technical solution, we also bring in our expertise in the area of industry user experience.

Our digitization expertise in the manufacturing industry
Benefit from our experience and tech know-how

Embedded systems and solutions

  • Modern software development for smart devices and special hardware
  • Hardware selection consulting: Considering various parameters like costs, performance and resource consumption
  • Modern device integration: Remote access and device management

Industry user experience

  • High-quality user experience concepts to allow humans to work effectively and efficiently with industrial systems
  • User experience designs that take target groups and work environment into consideration
  • Working with best practices: HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) design principles, use case and persona development, design thinking workshops and prototyping with user feedback loops

AOE provides in-depth expertise and experience from a wide range of enterprise projects. Our Industry 4.0 customers benefit from our knowledge in the areas of agile software development, data science & AI, cybersecurity and cloud platforms.

Daniel Pötzinger

Daniel Pötzinger

We combine our customers' domain knowledge with our technical expertise. Together, we develop innovative solutions to make our customers' value-creation future proof.

Our offers & services

  • Consulting: Support with topics such as software and hardware selection
  • Concept: Development of industry 4.0 concepts
  • Workshop: Evaluation of Use Cases
  • Industrial UX: Creating UX concepts for industry applications
  • Solution Architecture: Providing strong system architectures
  • Implementation: Building end-to-end solutions

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We use HubSpot CRM to process and manage contact and information requests. Please accept the "Functional Cookies" and reload the page to load the contact form.