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Marketplaces are the next frontier of E-Commerce.
We get you there.

Online marketplaces and the platform economy are swiftly replacing conventional distribution models. They pose significant challenges to malls and department stores, but open up new opportunities for B2B distribution and global supply-chain management.

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Digital platform models are reshaping global retail and distribution

Whether you want to build a luxury multi-retailer mall for your airport, digitalize your entire manufacturing supply chain or sell your services on an API-based marketplace: AOE is your partner of choice.

As one of the world's leading E-Commerce marketplace experts, we have a proven track record transforming classical retail models into digital omnichannel solutions and helping global corporations to monetize the power of the platform economy.

One Platform.
One Experience.
Thousands of suppliers.

Malls & Retailers

Transform your retail business into an integrated omnichannel experience. Expand to third-party sellers. Serve customers, whenever, wherever – and exceed their expectations.


Speed up recovery. Sell to your passengers at any stage of their journey, extend the golden hour, become an omnichannel destination that delights passengers every time, anytime. 

B2B Marketplaces

Transform global supply chains, enable centralized sourcing from millions of suppliers, automate logistics. We build B2B marketplaces that redefine global manufacturing operations.

Fully integrated and modular platform

Subscription and revenue share-based model with limited CAPEX

COVID has accelerated the adoption of
E-Commerce by 5-10 years within just 4 months

Meet Omnevo: The world's first end-to-end
multi-retailer marketplace commerce solution

Build marketplaces for any target market. Expand your retail offering to enable true marketplace commerce. Optimize the supply chain and build new and more resilient digital revenue streams.

With customer acquisition being the biggest cost driver in global E-Commerce, marketplace models that benefit from platform economies of scale are clearly becoming the way to cost-efficiently avoid disruption from the major players in the industry. Whether you want to build a luxury fashion marketplace, digitalize your mall into an omnichannel destination or build a B2B marketplace for professional equipment: Our leading marketplace technology suite will get you there.
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Case Study Frankfurt Airport:
The world's first omnichannel airport

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We use HubSpot CRM to process and manage contact and information requests. Please accept the "Functional Cookies" and reload the page to load the contact form.