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Agile Software Development
Agile Software Development

Transforming ambitious ideas into business solutions. We make your visions reality.

Whether you need mature agile teams to build and operate end-to-end solutions or you are looking to augment your existing delivery organization with an agile speedboat approach that boosts your innovative IT initiatives. We help you solve any of your software development challenges. 

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Agile software development requires
more than just a group of developers

Creating new products. Leveraging business potential. Implementing new ideas and learning quickly from the results. Achieving something new and pushing existing boundaries. That's the DNA of how we work in collaboration with our customers.

Cross-functional Teams

Our experienced and cross-functional development teams help you turn your ideas into marketable solutions. We bring our knowledge and expertise from a wide range of software development projects and state-of-the-art technologies into the projects.

Responsibility &

We believe in success through individual responsibility and expertise, as well as the power of collaboration. We work transparently, openly and with the awareness that together with our clients we can achieve more. 

Short Iterations:
Learn, Adjust, Deliver

Short iterations allow rapid delivery of an idea to the market (MVP). Regular feature updates (thanks to continuous delivery and a lean product development cycle) enable early learning and increase the potential return on investment.

From agile software development
to business agility

We create things that are only possible through genuine collaboration with our customers as equals. To enable this, we build the perfect environment for innovation. Trying out something new requires respectful partnerships, trust and agile collaboration.

Think Agile

Being adaptible and innovative in a competitive market means not only setting up agile teams along a customer journey, but also internalizing agility in your own business and organization.

Be Prepared

Unexpected changes caused by customer behavior, competitors, technical innovations, environmental influences or new legal situations call for creative and intelligent responses.

Learn & Improve

Our experience shows that every agile software project opens up potential for meaningful change in the organization.

Daniel Pötzinger

Daniel Pötzinger

We combine our expertise in methodology and technology with your industry knowledge. Together we achieve things that are only possible through genuine collaboration and respectful partnerships.

Our development expertise

We excel in agile enterprise development

Microservice Architectures
Backend & Frontend Development
Portal & Mobile Development
Enterprise Integration & Architecture
Agile Consulting & Trainings
Full-stack User Experience
Continuous Delivery & Test Strategies

Think big, start small.
The agile incubator approach
for your success.

Understanding the market. Innovative thinking. Disruptive
Trusting in agile methods. Close collaboration.
For more than ten years, congstar and AOE have been working
together to develop the Enterprise Telco solution.

Let our clients show you more about what makes this
ongoing project a resounding success.

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Case Study Commerz Real:
The First Digital Asset Manager

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Case Study congstar:
How to become telco provider of the year 10 years running

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Case Study Deutsche Telekom:
Pre-sales and marketing portal for Fiber to the Home

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Daniel Pötzinger

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We use HubSpot CRM to process and manage contact and information requests. Please accept the "Functional Cookies" and reload the page to load the contact form.