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Customer-centric digital business models.
We prevent disruption.

The disrupted finance industry is constantly searching for innovative methods to deliver business value within and outside their organization. Open Banking and Banking as a Service (BaaS) both serve the idea of customer-centricity and experience. New banking business models need to be digital-first. The future will be based on API-driven workflows and digital business models. We help financial institutions navigate the jungle of transforming to a tech organization.

Innovate. Integrate. Monetize.

Platform Solutions

Share, integrate and promote digital workflows between customers and your organization for transparent customer service and experience.


Finance Marketplaces

Utilize public marketplaces with multi-channel solutions for any consumer engagement and monetization opportunity.


Platform Economy

Drive faster innovation and scale with a platform ecosystem strategy. Deliver new API-based business models.


Unlock the power of the API-driven platform economy

Build genuine direct-to-consumer relationship MVPs in weeks. Provide services, create experiences and build innovative new
digital revenue models.

Your organization, your customers and partners greatly value enhanced application and platforms services. Drive greater monetization by sharing the revenue generated by
ecosystem product providers. 
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Think big, start small.
See the success of the agile
incubator approach.

Commerz Real, real estate subsidiary of Germany's 
Commerzbank, hired AOE to guide them on their
journey to become "The First Digital Asset Manager"!
Gain insights into the incubator team’s work and let our
customer tell you more about our trusted relationship.

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Case Study Commerz Real:
Creating the first
"Digital Asset Manager"

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Ensuring customer success

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