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E-Commerce & Omnichannel
E-Commerce & Omnichannel

Seamless omnichannel shopping with powerful 
E-Commerce solutions. 
Become a benchmark.

Exceed customer expectations and boost revenue with personalized content, smart touchpoints and an outstanding user experience.

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Pushing the boundaries:
We are experts in E-Commerce innovation

Changing customer behavior is a challenge – and a huge opportunity for innovative ideas. We have decades of experience in successfully fulfilling the potential of our customers, often pushing the boundaries of what was deemed possible. Benefit from our extensive expertise in the implementation of digital strategies as well as our award-winning technology solutions for E-Commerce,
omnichannel logistics and personalization.

API-driven E-Commerce solutions and
seamless integration of business applications

Grow with the expectations of your users: actively shape customer experiences along the customer journey! What you need: real-time insights into user behavior, an integrated solution that works for employees, and smart processes. We bring the technology expertise and the experience to help grow your business.


Provide a seamless shopping experience across all channels through a smart combination of online and offline features.


Personalized content and promotions increase customer experience and conversions. Analyze customer intents, automatically detect relevant customer segments and personalize the experience in real time.

Premium &
Luxury Retail

Trust in our expertise in integrating luxury brands and retailers and selling premium products. We provide backend integration, stock handling, personal shopper processes and shop-in-shop experiences.

API-Based Backend
& IT Integration

Infrastructure expertise in implementing modern commerce solutions. Integrate our solutions into existing infrastructure and legacy systems.

Supply Chain for
Same-Hour Delivery

End-to-end solutions including order management, fulfillment, carrier and courier integration and more.


Evolving your exiting E-Commerce architecture along with strategic business needs. Modernize and enrich your E-Commerce stack step by step and benefit from early ROI.

Standard products & proprietary technologies,
combined and customized to perfection

We combine established and proven standard technologies as part of our
E-Commerce solutions. Leading AOE products complement the
approach to tackle specific challenges in big E-Commerce projects.


Enabling the development of sophisticated web applications with customized frontends.

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Enterprise search and recommendation technology suitable for high traffic loads with high availability.

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An order management system that handles multiple merchants and delivery orders plus complex fulfillment workflows.

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Daniel Pötzunger

Daniel Pötzunger

We listen, understand your business and find ideas to grow it. We provide the right skills and expertise for innovation and empower your team.

Our E-Commerce expertise

Personalization &
Cloud Platform
E-Commerce Search
Reserve & Collect
Ship from Store
Sourcing &
SAP & Warehouse

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Omnichannel luxury at its best

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Case Study Frankfurt Airport:
The world's first omnichannel airport

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We use HubSpot CRM to process and manage contact and information requests. Please accept the "Functional Cookies" and reload the page to load the contact form.