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Trainings on cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is dedicated to protecting your business and all its networks, IT systems and data from potential cyber attacks by unauthorized third parties – see below how our training supports you in uncovering potential security risks much earlier.

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In recent years, cyber crime has advanced incredibly, moreover, we are increasingly online: working from home, relying on technology and digital services. Accordingly, the risks to businesses, organizations, governments and individuals have never been greater. That's why cybersecurity is dedicated to protecting your business and all its networks, IT systems and data from potential cyber attacks by unauthorized third parties.

Whether the motive for a cyber attack is high extortion payments or sensitive company data, the consequences for companies are equally dramatic in both cases. To protect your company from these damaging attacks in the long term, there is no way around building up internal experience and knowledge.

There are many established technologies and approaches that you can use to protect your company from harmful cyber attacks. However, hasty and inconsiderate actions are often counterproductive, because security strategies can only be truly successful if you can realistically assess the threats and know the methods, points of attack and approaches of the attackers.

Here at AOE, we have years of experience in protecting your most important assets – be they IT systems or sensitive data. In our training, you will learn to think like a hacker and thus uncover potential security risks earlier. We will provide you with a list of the ten most common security vulnerabilities in web applications – which you can then find and fix in the interactive OWASP Lab.

Cybersecurity & access management

OWASP Top 10 Training

Thinking like a hacker

OWASP Top 10 Training

The 10 most common security vulnerabilities in web application – and how to prevent them.

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