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Powering the future of
modern telco ecosystems.
We connect the dots.

We make digital convergence happen in the emerging ecosystems of telco, energy and entertainment, all while having 5G at our doorstep. Break up monolithic-grown architectures, slowing you down and embrace what is ahead with cutting-edge, API-first technology solutions.

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Telco Trendbook: In 4 steps to a "Composable Business" Model

Competitive in a constantly changing market, with rapid development of technological possibilities and decreasing customer loyalty? The telco trendbook illustrates current challenges and opportunities in the telco ecosystem. Insights and strategies for the Telecommunications Service Providers of tomorrow.

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with these use cases


Rationalize the frontend and decouple the frontend from the backend for a real-time fast-to-market unified shop with multi-channel touchpoints.

Product bundling

Product convergence with third-party product bundling (e.g. energy, entertainment, etc.) and any subscription model.


Personalization in real time and predicting customer behavior of your customer segment.

With many years' experience in the telecommunications industry, AOE provides a whole range of pre-defined and pre-integrated telco solution modules as part of a cloud-based architecture concept. eTOM-compliant, usable for both broadband and mobile applications, easily customizable to specific customer needs.

Think big, start small.
From DTAG's agile incubator to
Germany's leading MVNO.

Understanding of the market. Innovative thinking. Disruptive technologies.
Trust in agile methods. Close collaboration.
For more than a decade,
congstar and AOE have been working together to develop
Europe's leading MVNO technology stack.

Hear directly from them on what made this 12-year partnership
such a success.

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Case Study: Deutsche Telekom
»Fiber to the home« (FTTH)

Helping to build up a 180 people digital hub organisation with SAFe.
Designing and executing architecture. Bringing all involved parties together.

New opportunities for existing legacy systems

Achieving accelerated time-to-market,
flexibility and cost savings

Adaptive Telco Commerce Suite delivers for communication service providers and mobile virtual network operator a TMF-compliant solution that integrates business service operations with a seamless e-commerce user experience.

  • Adaptive based on TMF standard to integrate seamless business services boosting your sales.
  • Commerce with plug & play SaaS-based product components optimizing customer experience.
  • Suite for you to choose how to rebuild your existing portal solution step by step.

Adaptive Telco Commerce Suite in action

The Adaptive Telco Commerce Suite gives an impression of just how seamless the cloud-based suite managed backend and frontend processes, that allow to plug & play the required customer experience and BSS components to digitalize any use cases in no time.

Ensuring customer success

Our Telco solution partners

Excellent partners that make your experience better

Stefanie Wegner
Daniel Pötzinger

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We use HubSpot CRM to process and manage contact and information requests. Please accept the "Functional Cookies" and reload the page to load the contact form.