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Complex software can be vulnerable to a variety of attack vectors. We protect.

In an expanding and evolving digital world, cybersecurity becomes an ever more complex task. At AOE, we have many years's experience in protecting the most valuable assets – from data to software – and implementing security throughout the whole development lifecycle.

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Bastian Ike

Bastian Ike

Director Cybersecurity / AOE
Security is more than crossing fingers. Ideally you start a project with a security strategy from the very beginning. Then keep on learning, adapting and improving.

Identity management

Decentralized infrastructure is developing at a fast pace. This means a strong and centralized identity management is necessary to keep up with security controls and requirements across projects and companies. Zero trust architecture, inspired by Google’s BeyondCorp, is our go-to choice when it comes to implementing holistic identity management. Our core expertise is built upon OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 with Keycloak as a central building block in our security architecture.

More about Identity & Access Management

DevSecOps consulting

Unfortunately, security does not scale well with decentralized development and agile teams. We help our customers from a broad range of industries such as telco and aviation to implement security in their agile development and operations processes. API gateways, identity propagation and secure microservice communication are just a few of our core competences when it comes to DevSecOps.

Let us know if you need developer training, pen testing or an advisor for a secure project architecture.

Microservice & cloud native

Kubernetes is a state-of-the-art system for running workloads on distributed systems, and Docker changed the way developers work. Although this approach is better than classic software development in many ways, it is not easy to implement a unified security concept to cover heterogeneous environments and comply with legal requirements.

As early adopters of Kubernetes and container technology for our microservices environment we know how to run, secure and monitor while keeping the complexity away from developers. Do you have the feeling we can help you, too?

Web application security

Running online shops is easier than ever, but keeping up with those who earn a living from stealing credit cards, data, and credentials is a tough race. We rely on many years of experience in both protecting and running secure high-scale E-Commerce projects in production.

E-mail us to start a conversation about your E-Commerce project.

Our cybersecurity expertise

Application Security
Platform Security
Secure Architecture
Risk Assessment
OWASP Top 10
Security Audit
Test & Code Reviews
Security Training

Our Keycloak SaaS solution

With Bare.ID, our Keycloak SaaS product, we enable our customers to roll out a highly available Keycloak cluster for their enterprise while staying on the safe side from a regulatory perspective.

  • 100% GDPR compliant, 100% hosted in Germany
  • Security best-practice configurations out-of-the-box
  • Fast implementation without major hurdles
  • Fully managed and operated, no own IT operations needed

More about Bare.ID

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    Bastian Ike
    Technical Director Cybersecurity

    We use HubSpot CRM to process and manage contact and information requests. Please accept the "Functional Cookies" and reload the page to load the contact form.