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A fast and flexible frontend framework for headless commerce. We created it.

Flamingo is a blazingly fast open source front-end framework that allows you to develop the most sophisticated web applications with customized frontends. In addition, Flamingo Commerce lets you build the ultimate e-commerce experience from a set of pre-built modules.

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Fast, Flexible, Scalable

Powerful, scalable performance, designed for enterprise projects. Flexible custom frontends for any channel, as quick as an app.

Head for Headless E-Commerce

Easy-to-use framework for creating custom frontends based on any system such as Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce, Hybris and Demandware.

Early Productiveness

Use one modern easy-to-use frontend framework for any system. It's easy to learn, so developers and teams can quickly become productive.

This is Flamingo

Flamingo: Build sophisticated web applications with custom web front-ends that align with your company's business processes and brand CI/CD.


Flamingo Commerce: Create the ultimate commerce experience based on a headless e-commerce solution from a set of pre-built and customizable modules.

Flamingo Commerce

Flamingo facts

  • More than two years of development time
  • Seven active projects in five teams
  • Approximately 30 AOE developers
  • 4,000 commits
  • Lean architecture: Flamingo comprises 10,000 lines of code; Flamingo Commerce fits into 13,000 lines
  • Available on Github under Open Source License v3.0
Daniel Pötzinger

Daniel Pötzinger

We saw a need in the market for a fast and flexible frontend for headless, microservices-oriented commerce platforms.

Benefits of Flamingo

Brand Look & Feel

Brand look and feel for any channel and device, perfectly tailored in accordance with your brand CI.


Quick Business Cases

Short time-to-market due to easy implementation of new business ideas. Quickly create, test and adapt minimum viable products.

E-Commerce Features

Many out-of-the-box E-Commerce features with full flexibility to adapt to your business needs.

Ultimate Flexibility

Open source framework allows development of tailored software and customized features aligned with your business needs.

Designed for Microservice Architecture

Independent development of lightweight distributed services without dependencies.

Multiple Backend Sources

Use existing templates and products from several sources or databases to quickly create new products or frontends.

Future-Proof Software

Lightweight architecture ensures long-term software quality without technical debts.

Easy to Learn

Early productiveness for developers and fast team ramp-up.

Stable Open Source Framework

Simple, reliable and efficient software written in Go, designed for enterprise projects.

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