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Healthcare Experience Management
Healthcare Experience Management

Digital experience management in healthcare. Focusing on the human factor.

Digital experience management in healthcare: Enabling everyone involved in the processes to be supplied with the right, up-to-date information at the right time – for greater efficiency, better quality, and end-to-end processes without media disruptions.

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The goal of digital experience management is to supply everyone involved in the processes in their respective roles with relevant, up-to-date information at the right time, to optimize processes in healthcare and make them efficient and end-to-end, without media disruptions.

Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast.

Increase interoperability,
connect actors

Networking of all healthcare-relevant systems and organizations and compliance with all common standards. Access to health-relevant data and interdisciplinary communication. So that all actors in healthcare can work together as well as possible – while observing data privacy, for the well-being of patients.

Increase flexibility,
become adaptable

Be able to react quickly and flexibly to changes in healthcare. Thanks to scalable end-to-end processes that are oriented toward changes by design. Embedded in state-of-the-art technologies and microservice architectures, which enable both modular applications and integration with legacy IT.

Make data useful,
gain insights

Standardization and automation of complex processes. Systematic evaluation of existing data using prediction and machine learning methods. Visualize data and make it useful, to gain insights from information and learn systematically – as a person, a system, and an organization.

Composable business in healthcare

For a high degree of interoperability, flexibility, and data use, Gartner recommends the composable business solution. It consists of three levels: the mindset, the business architecture, and the technology.

Composable business with AOE

Agile teams, technological expertise, and expertise in methods for managing complex problems and digital processes: At AOE, our goal is to implement projects in accordance with the composable business solution.


Agile teams and agile development, to act quickly on the market, react quickly to changes, and model digital processes.

Modular applications

B2B suite with ready-to-use modules, which can be adapted and installed according to your needs.

Futureproof architecture

Scalable architectures, state-of-the-art technologies, and API-based integration into legacy IT environments.

Case Study: DXM Portal for Medical Device Manufacturers

AOE developed a global digital experience platform for a medical device manufacturer. From family business to global player.

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Dirk Althaus

Dirk Althaus

Business Development / AOE
We bring together professional medical competence and technological expertise. We jointly work in short iterations to create digital solutions designed for the long term, where the focus is on the human factor.

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  • Consulting: Support for topics such as the selection of software and hardware
  • Concept: Development of digitalization and implementation concepts
  • Workshop: Designing and evaluation of use cases
  • Healthcare UX: Creation of UX concepts and processes for applications in healthcare
  • Solution Architecture: Creation of composable system architectures
  • Implementation: Development of end-to-end solutions

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