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Exploratory Testing – Deep Dive

2 days Remote
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In traditional software development, the focus lies mostly on script-based testing. Through agile software development, exploratory testing is gaining popularity. But why? In contrast to script-based testing, the explorative approach can offer teams more freedom as well as autonomy, while incorporating more of the testers' experience and expertise. On the other hand, there is the criticism of a lack of structure and formality. But what is the "right" testing approach? Our conclusion: The mixture makes the difference!

What does this mean in everyday work?

Each type of test has its advantages and disadvantages and its specific area of application. Knowing and being able to apply the different types and thereby generating an understanding for the appropriate use case has become essential for an efficient test strategy.


This interactive training is a deep dive into exploratory testing. By comparing script-based versus exploratory testing, you will learn the most important differences and use cases. Through practical exercises, you will apply exploratory testing in a focused approach. This will enable you to assess possible risks more precisely and to minimize them efficiently by means of adequate test types.


In this interactive training you and your team will learn about exploratory testing in a practice-oriented way. For contextual orientation, we will jointly work out an overview of the basic features, advantages and disadvantages as well as the different application cases of both types of testing.

Based on this, we will take a "deep dive" into exploratory testing. Here, the focus is on the special freedom of exploratory testing: the aspect of learning! But what does this mean in practice? Exploratory testing allows your team to learn not only about the application itself, but also to better understand the business processes and technologies.

In short – in this training we will develop a deep understanding of exploratory testing and how to use your testing tools efficiently for the particular objective.

Attention! No frontal lecture – but a real hands-on training with many examples and exercises from practical experience.

Training structure:

  1. Comparison of script-based vs. exploratory testing
  2. The learning aspect
  3. What should be the right charter?
  4. Test ideas
  5. Supporting tools
  6. Efficient design of testing sessions
  7. Creating Notes
  8. Analysis of the testing session

Organizational information

  • Suitable for all teams
  • Time: 2 days / 4 half-day sessions
  • Language: English or German, depending on preference
  • Location: Online
  • Group size: from 5 to 8 participants
Jakob Jaworski
Jakob R. Jaworski

Our trainer: Jakob R. Jaworski

Jakob R. Jaworski is an AOE Academy Trainer in the software development sector. He discovered his passion for software testing in 2013: At the time, he was studying business IT and assisting with test management on a software development project for an SAP application. Since then, he has been focusing intensively on all aspects of software testing and software development, and he can rely on many years of experience in both traditional and agile projects. Together with some like-minded individuals, he organizes the Software Test User Group Rhein-Main.