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AOE is a leading agile service provider for the development of digital solutions in the Enterprise sector. More than 250 employees at six global locations support major companies in the strategic and operative digitalization of their business models through the implementation of powerful, scalable and secure solutions. AOE relies on Open Source technologies, which enable customized solutions at reasonable costs.

In the development of complex projects, AOE relies on agile methods and processes and supports its customers with the introduction of agile methods. Agility allows concrete results at an early stage of the project and facilitates flexible changes during the course of the project. This greatly increases the project success rate and the benefit to the customer. This approach creates high-performance web portals, innovative E-Commerce platforms and flexible mobile applications. 

AOE Facts & Figures

The Management Team

The management team is comprised of four professionals with extensive expertise, experience and know-how in Open Source Enterprise web solutions. Management follows the approach of servant leadership.

Agile Teams & Agile Culture

Structure of Agile Teams

Successful projects require an optimal team structure. Our agile project teams generally work according to the Scrum model. The teams consist of five to nine persons with various roles.


Agile Corporate Culture

Our goals are innovative solutions and customers who are satisfied in the long term. For this, we create the best-possible conditions with the setup and expansion of excellent teams as well as an agile organization and culture.

Agile Corporate Culture

Our Values & Social Responsibility

We base our actions on three basic beliefs: Open Source, agility and our ethical principles. We consider AOE to be part of society with social responsibility. We therefore reject the collaboration with companies that are contrary to our principles.

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