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Kubernetes 101

Fundamentals in Kubernetes

1 - 2 days Remote
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Kubernetes is a complex system. Used correctly, it can solve many DevOps challenges. However, it takes a lot of time to understand the overall scope of Kubernetes' features and capabilities. Effective use of Kubernetes can only be learned through years of use. This training offers a "shortcut" with many helpful tips from experienced experts.


Participants of the training will have a basic understanding of Kubernetes, an overview of the Kubernetes ecosystem and the underlying concepts, as well as first practical experience with Kubernetes. They will benefit from essential best practices and must-haves from years of project experience, be able to set up a Kubernetes cluster, and deploy and manage applications in Kubernetes.


Kubernetes 101 training covers the basics of Kubernetes and highlights the problems Kubernetes can solve – and there are quite a few. Our experienced Kubernetes trainers will provide an easy-to-understand overview of Kubernetes concepts. You will learn what it means to run a Kubernetes cluster and which skills and requirements are necessary. In addition, there are a lot of best practices from our years of work in various enterprise projects, we show you stumbling blocks and a number of helpful tools.

Your learnings will be deepened and practically applied through several practice-oriented Labs & exercise units. The content focus of the training is customizable to individual needs.

Training structure:

  • Introduction & concepts
  • Installation & access
  • Kubernetes resources & administration
  • Configuration, deployment & management
  • Networking, loadbalancing & high availability
  • Labs & exercises
  • Security, backup, disaster recovery
  • Observability (logging, monitoring, alerting, tracing)
  • Best practices & recommendations

Organizational information

  • Suitable for all teams
  • Language: English or German, depending on preference
  • Time: 1 days - 2 days
  • Location: online
  • Group size: from 5 to 8 participants

We are a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP)

Timo Pinzauti

Timo Pinzauti

Head of Technology / IT WORKS GmbH
AOE is an extremely good hub for connecting on a wide variety of topics. During the trainings, we were able to benefit enormously from this wealth of experience. Especially in the area of cloud infrastructure, we were able to build and develop our infrastructure according to our needs through collaboration.
Kevin Schu

Our trainer: Kevin Schu

Kevin Schu is a DevOps enthusiast and Infrastructure Automation Specialist. As Director of Cloud and DevOps Consulting at AOE, he helps clients migrate to the cloud and sharpen their cloud strategy, as well as build high-performance DevOps organizations. As a backend developer and architect, he has spent years supporting highly available and highly scalable IT systems in a wide range of industries. Since 2018, he has been working exclusively in DevOps & Cloud and has since been involved with public cloud, zero trust, CI/CD and Kubernetes, among others.