The OM³ Logistics Portal is a logistics portal solution for airports that enables downtown tax-free and duty-free shopping without formalities. With advantages for all involved: Shops can offer attractive offers, passengers save on tax-free shopping and airports increase their non-aviation turnover.

Off-Airport Revenues for Airports

Duty-free shopping in the city, goods purchased duty-free are delivered to the airport for the passenger's departure.

Reliable and easy fulfillment

Retailers have an easy-to-use tool at their disposal that relieves them of the worries associated with handling parcels and shipments.

Tax-free Omnichannel Purchasing

Customers can buy numerous products tax-free and without complicated tax refund forms – online or at off-airport points of sale.

International travellers are entitled to a tax refund on departure from their destination, but this includes cumbersome filling out of forms and long queues at tax refund counters. The OM³ Logistics Portal enables significantly simplified and faster processes and thus increases the attractiveness of tax-free downtown shopping.

The OM³ Logistics Portal

The goal:

Digitalizing the tax refund process, enhancing the customer experience and driving up non-aviation revenues.

How the OM³ Logistics Portal works

The OM³ Logistics Portal provides not only the innovative software but also the entire hardware such as scanners, mobile devices, security support, etc. All processes are fully documented. Reporting is automatically generated for customs. The OM³ Logistics Portal thus offers an integrated solution with all the necessary components along the entire customer journey.

1. Tax-free downtown shopping

Tax- and duty-free shopping in the city, based on identification and verification of passenger flight data.

2. The retailer assembles the package and creates the collection authorization

The retailer creates a package for the purchased items and a collection authorization document for the customer.

3. Consolidated deliveries to the airport

The retailer groups individual packages via the Logistics Portal to simplify processing and increase efficiency and sends the shipments to the airport for storage and distribution. Security checks every package at the airport.

4. Distribution to the Collection Points

The airport service staff identifies the parcels with barcode scanners and sends the shipment to the Collection Points, where the purchases are stored in individual compartments. Based on the barcodes, the Logistics Portal recommends service personnel to bundle individual packages from different retailers for each customer, which makes collection much easier.

5. Pick-up at Collection Point

The passenger collects his or her purchases at the Collection Point before taking his or her outward flight or after entering the country on flights arriving at the airport.

Major advantages

For passengers, tax refund digitalization offers massive advantages and thus becomes significantly more attractive: no formalities, automated digital processes, 100% tax refund without fees!

For airports, tax refunding means a new business model and additional non-aviation revenue from downtown sales.

Benefits with the OM³ Logistics Portal

Passenger Benefits

  • Major time-savings
  • 100% tax refund
  • Convenience & Security

Airport Benefits

  • Dwell-time increase
  • Major income stream
  • Customer insights

Retailer Benefits

  • Improved Customer Service
  • Tax-free Downtown Shopping
  • No need for expensive discounting
Richard Barker
We are excited to partner with AOE and that Auckland Airport’s introduction of the technology will be a first for any airport in Australasia. It will ensure that we deliver one of the most advanced online airport retail experiences in the world and that we can significantly expand the range and type of products and services we offer to our customers.
Richard Barker
General Manager Retail and Commercial
Auckland Airport