There are many customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Which solution a company chooses depends on the individual requirements and circumstances. To Date, however, there has been no open source CRM solution that has been stringently designed for digital business and E-Commerce and at the same time easy to use, flexible and reliable. Oro has changed this equation. OroCRM is an advanced Open Source CRM software, equally at home in marketing and sales.

Low Operating Costs

The Open Source solution OroCRM provides companies with a wide variety of options to lower their TCO

Flexible and Expandable

OroCRM can be expanded flexibly and adapted individually to every business or industry

Developer Community

An active and global community fosters continuous innovation and improvement of the solution

What is OroCRM?

OroCRM is based on Oro Platform, an Open Source business appliation platform. Developed in PHP5 and using the Symfony2 framework, OroCRM can be seamlessly integrated into numerous E-Commerce platforms such as Magento, Amazon and eBay, thus making system functionality expandable as needed. In addition, E-Commerce businesses benefit from the comprehensive set of features, including numerous software tools and support at the enterprise level.

Possible Applications of OroCRM

  • Tools for Marketing: Multichannel segmenting helps retailers to create and manage their marketing campaigns across numerous channels individually. The most important tools comprise customer segmentation, reporting and dashboards as well as tools for campaigns
  • Tools for Sales: The core of the solution is the “Single View of the customer” across all sales campaigns and -channels. With OroCRM, companies can synchronize their CRM activities with their business processes. The features include sales- and organization management as well as a multichannel sales workflow, among others
  • Tools for Developers: OroCRM is based on the Oro business application platform, which is integrated into an extensive community of developers and partners. Developers benefit from the Open Source concept and the Oro Marketplace

OroCRM for E-Business

With its numerous unique feature, OroCRM offers international companies and corporations an established alternative to comparable, but proprietary solutions:

  • 360-degree view of the customer for the best-possible customer experience
  • Advanced customer segmentation
  • Advanced reporting and state-of-the-art dashboards
  • Integration with numerous 3rd-party systems

OroCRM vs. Salesforce

OroCRM is the only Open Source option, which can fulfill the demanding and diverse requirements in the enterprise segment. Compared to Salesforce, OroCRM is characterized especially by the following features:

  • Flexible and adaptable solution for all B-to-B- and B-to-C solutions in the enterprise segment
  • Extensive integration with leading E-Commerce platforms
  • Parallel administration of customer data and -interactions of numerous webstores
  • Transparent costs
  • Modular design for maximum adaptation to individual requirements
Andrew Palmer
OroCRM is an invaluable tool in setting up our online business. Having one touch point for all sales and customer data has helped drive efficiencies in our marketing, eCommerce and CRM efforts.
Andrew Palmer
General Manager IT

Benefits of OroCRM

Contact & Account Management

Central administration of all customer-, contact- and account data and interactions as well as synchronization and update of customer profiles across all channels

Single View of the Customer

Customer interactions are collated into a uniform customer view across all channels and touchpoints

Tools for Productivity

Upload and tracking of communication with customers, e.g. through E-Mails, contact data, calendar events and Google Hangouts

Top-Customer Idenfication

With the RFM analysis (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Analysis), you can identify your top customers, based on their buying behavior


Create different workflows to organize sales- and marketing processes and to learn best practices

Sales & Marketing Dashboard

Configurable dashboard with all important KPIs, charts, segmented campaigns and any other desired data

Lead Management

Capturing and converting prospects in leads across the entire sales funnel, incl. sales forecasts and target tracking

Tracking & Reporting

Track online behavior of your customers. With the powerful Reports Engine, you receive the information you need to make informed business decisions


Create targeted, personalized E-Mail campaigns and increase customer loyalty and revenue