MyKIDIO: AOE software in every BMW

In-Car Entertainment

The first on-demand, subscription-based in-car streaming- and downloading service for audio and video content.

Developed with BMW SDK

Native Integration with the Connected Drive System with an entertainment solution developed specifically for BMW.


Parents control media content of their children through communication between devices (control in the cockpit, content playback in the cabin).


Parents of children know the situation: During a long drive, the children in the back quickly become impatient. They whine, they argue, they pester the adults with questions. This is not only bad for the kids, but also for the driver, who is distracted from his actual task. What to do? Together with other partners involved in the project, AOE has developed a tailor-made car entertainment solution for T-Systems, specifically for BMW: myKIDIO. With myKIDIO, the journey in the BMW is also optimized for the little passengers.

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Kian Gould
With myKIDIO we entered uncharted territory. Our customer needed a solution for D2D communication that did not exist before. Despite the extremely high demands, we were able to develop and deliver an optimal solution on schedule, which also met with great approval at trade shows.
Kian Gould
Founder and CEO

Enterprise Mobile Development by AOE

How can an in-car entertainment system be designed and implemented so that adults retain control over the content their children consume – without the driver being distracted? The solution is called myKIDIO – an entertainment solution jointly developed by the project partners T-Systems, BMW, AOE and Saffron Digital for families with children from three to thirteen. AOE developed the myKIDIO interface especially for BMW on the basis of the BMW Software Development Kit (SDK); The complete device-to-device communication (D2D) in the car is controlled via this interface. To develop a stable and fully functional solution, extensive automated testing was required during the development phase. For this, AOE used a simulator for the BMW software. In addition, testing using vehicles was also carried out in real environments.

This ensured that the solution works under a wide range of reception conditions. The so-called “child devices” are controlled in the car via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Communication between the child devices and the driver’s parent device takes place with the help of the communications library developed by AOE via the Apple Multipeer framework. myKIDIO provides audio and video content for personal devices especially for children. The parents or the children themselves can choose from a wide range of films, TV series, audiobooks and radio plays. The highlight: The entertainment can be selected and controlled by the driver or front-seat passenger of each BMW with ConnectedDrive. Thus, adults always have control over the children’s entertainment; the children can see or hear their desired program, even if they are too small to be able to operate the system themselves. myKIDO works via subscription and can be streamed or downloaded.

The most important travel data available at any time

An additional feature of myKIDIO is the Kid’s Cockpit, where the most important vehicle data such as the outside temperature, cruising speed and current fuel level as well as the remaining time until the destination is reached are displayed on the passengers’ devices. This makes the children an active part of the journey – and questions such as “Are we there yet?” superfluous.


With myKIDIO, T-Systems received a completely new D2D solution. AOE had to expend a lot of effort, especially for research and development, to map the complicated workflows between the different devices. In addition, the solution needed to work well in any environment. For the users of myKIDIO, traveling with children in a car is much more pleasant – not to mention that it’s safer: The driver can control the entertainment for the passengers, while concentrating on driving at the same time.

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