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Commerz Real

Commerz Real

Digital Financial Products open up new Business Segments

Commerz Real, a wholly owned subsidiary of Commerzbank, asked itself this question. In order to expand its product range and establish agile processes at the same time, Commerz Real contracted AOE to develop a solution for the automated, digital calculation of leasing contracts for movable assets. In addition, AOE is supporting Commerz Real in its transformation to an agile, future-oriented project implementation.

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Digital Business Model

The digital offering comprises the entire automated process, from inquiry to supplier check

Efficient Digitalized Processes

By digitalizing the processes, offers can be processed and created much faster and more efficiently

Calculation of Leasing Conditions

Flexible, transparent calculation of leasing conditions and contract terms


Digitalization of processes and products

Commerz Real's goal was to develop an application that would enable the Commerzbank customer advisor to calculate and process leasing contracts for movable assets, such as vehicles, machines, or equipment, directly at the bank branch’s point of sale. Previously, the Commerz Real employee carried this out in the SAP-based inventory system for the customer advisor.

The advantages of the digitalized process are obvious: The customer advisor can create individual, alternative offers in direct communication with the customer. The time-consuming and resource-intensive process of collecting the individual components of the contract was completely digitalized.


Leasing contracts ready for signature in just a few minutes

Together with the Commerz Real project team, AOE developed a product vision for an application that collects a multitude of data on the customer, the investment object, and the leasing contract type, validates it in real time, and calculates suitable leasing terms and rates. The application was fully integrated into the IT system landscapes of Commerzbank and Commerz Real in order to gather the necessary data only once and to be able to calculate suitable leasing offers. The result: ComLease, an innovative application with a high-quality customer experience. With the ComLease application, the customer advisor can convert an offer into a contract ready for signature with just a few additional details. The reduced processing effort for calculating leasing costs and preparing quotations thus fits in with Commerz Real's strategy of also offering small-volume business in movables leasing – and, with a view to the future, in direct online sales as well.


  • Object Search: Selection of leasable movable assets such as machines, equipment or vehicles

  • Individualized Contracts: Control of contractual conditions, contract types (leasing and hire purchase) and settlement types (sale-and-lease-back, order entry)

  • Calculation of leasing rates: Automated calculation of leasing rates for the selected object, including flexible leasing term based on data updated daily

  • Object Management: Commerz Real internal administration of contract types and depreciation periods


Together with Commerz Real, AOE succeeded in developing the application within nine months and introducing it at the Commerzbank branches at the point of sale. The application completely covered all processes automatically, from the inquiry to the contract-ready signature. At the same time, AOE supported the company in the agile transformation of the project's work flows. Before the start of the project, the Commerz Real team was introduced to the agile methodology in an AOE workshop. During the development phase, the agile Scrum framework was utilized, with the agile processes and ceremonies being exemplified by the AOE team and the Commerz Real team being continuously supported and coached. This made it easier for Commerz Real to introduce agile methods in its own company successfully.

What our customers say

Management Summary

ComLease is an intuitive solution for the calculation and creation of leasing contracts for movable capital goods in a complex banking environment, which gives Commerz Real a competitive edge in the market. With the application, Commerz Real is breaking new ground in active customer consulting and in developing further digital financial products. At the same time, ComLease is an example of the successful design of digital business models and the launch of digital products, with the development and implementation of the solution being completed in just nine months. In addition to digital product development, AOE also supported Commerz Real in transforming the project teams involved with the implementation of agile methods.

Business benefits

Pioneering application in the financial sector

The digital application automatically links existing information from Commerzbank and Commerz Real system

Digitalized financial processes

ComLease expands the product portfolio of Commerz Real and Commerzbank

Individually tailored offer

Digital application ComLease is intuitive and easy to use