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Singapore Airlines’ KrisShop: Next-Generation Airline Retailing

About the Case Study

Singapore Airlines is widely regarded as one of the world’s most-awarded airlines – lauded for leadership in service quality. The airline has also set the pace for innovation in the aviation industry for many years. Singapore Airlines continues to pioneer new approaches to tackling the challenges confronting travel retail as well as aviation in general. The airline’s goal in relaunching KrisShop, its flagship retailer, was to build an easy-to-use Omnichannel commerce platform for convenient interaction with its customers. The new KrisShop provides passengers with a seamless and consistent customer experience across all channels.

Business Benefits

  • Availability: Operational Performance
  • Profitability: Basket value per transaction
  • Practicability: Higher conversion rate
  • Controllability: Personal recommendations
  • Customer metrics: Data and NPS
  • Reach: third-party partners increase visibility

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Innovative Luxury Shopping

Wide array of premium brands and high-end products, customized shop-in-shop stores, with brand look and feel.

Loyalty Opportunity

Increase attraction of the loyalty program, expand product portfolio as well as opportunities with luxury brands.

Omnichannel Retailing

Data-driven, personalized communication and retailing addresses new and existing customers to increase revenues.

Management Summary:
A Seamless, Consistent Customer Journey

To solve the challenges facing the travel retail industry, airlines need to reinvent their business models for nonaviation revenues, especially in-flight service. On some airlines only about one percent of the passengers make in-flight purchases – and in-flight services usually offer only 200 to 300 products. As spend per passenger is declining – despite overall passenger numbers growing worldwide – new business models based on digital solutions provide airlines with new opportunities. To account for these changes in the industry, KrisShop needed to offer its passengers a seamless and consistent customer journey along the entire path – regardless of time, location, device or channel being used. To achieve this goal, KrisShop had to set up the necessary framework: The challenge was to create a unique customer experience, which required sophisticated technology as well as the appropriate tools for logistical and operational implementation. The new KrisShop enables a new in-flight shopping experience, while also extending the Golden Hour: Passengers can pre-order products until the very last minute before boarding their flight.

KrisShop is customized to enable new business models for billing, payment, drop shipment as well as other digital processes. The OM³ marketplace solution makes for easy integration with third-party channels. To create a unique customer experience, KrisShop wanted to provide personalized content with custom sales and marketing campaigns in real-time, which support numerous features and offer passengers a flexible, easily accessible port-of-entry to Singapore Airlines’ shopping world. Singapore Airlines chose AOE’s travel retail platform OM³ to rebuild its KrisShop, as it provides a powerful, reliable and scalable solution that supports all processes across the entire value chain in real time. With the new solution, KrisShop is ready to tackle the challenges faced by the travel retail industry. The premium look and feel of as well as its product offerings underscore Singapore Airlines’ world-leading position. The OM³-based platform provides Singapore Airlines with the most advanced digital airline retail program in the world – thus making the solution truly future-proof.

Chris Pok

Chris Pok

CEO / KrisShop
The new KrisShop website is designed with game-changing features that keep customer experience at the forefront, to meet the needs and demands of today’s customers.

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