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MyKidio: In-car entertainment
in every BMW

About the Case Study

Parents of children know the situation: During a long drive, the children in the rear quickly become impatient. They whine, they argue, they pester the adults with questions. This is not only bad for the kids, but also for the driver, who is distracted from the actual task of driving. What to do? Together with other partners, AOE has developed a customized car entertainment solution for T-Systems, specifically for BMW: myKIDIO. With myKIDIO, the journey in the BMW is also optimized for little passengers.

Business Benefits

  • Innovative solution for communication between devices and in-car entertainment
  • Entertainment content for children is controlled automatically by the system, so adults can concentrate on driving
  • Vital travel data available at any time via the Kid's Cockpit

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In-Car Entertainment

The first on-demand, subscription-based in-car streaming- and downloading service for audio and video content.


Parents control media content of their children through communication between devices (control in the cockpit, content playback in the cabin).

Developed with BMW SDK

Native Integration with the Connected Drive System with an entertainment solution developed specifically for BMW.

Management Summary: Driver retains control of innovative in-car entertainment system for children from 3 to 13

Together with project partners T-Systems, BMW and Saffron Digital, AOE developed the myKIDIO interface based on the BMW Software Development Kit (SDK) especially for BMW; the complete device-to-device communication (D2D) in the car is controlled via this interface. With myKIDIO, T-Systems received a completely new D2D solution. For the users of myKIDIO, traveling with children in the car becomes much more enjoyable – and safer as well: The driver controls the entertainment for passengers, while being able to concentrate on driving at the same time.

Kian Gould

Kian Gould

Founder and CEO / AOE
With myKIDIO we entered uncharted territory. Our customer needed a solution for D2D communication that did not exist before. Despite the extremely high demands, we were able to develop and deliver an optimal solution on schedule, which also met with great approval at trade shows."

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