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IT Architecture Discovery
IT Architecture Discovery

We advance your architecture. Better equipped for the next IT project.

Strengthen your IT projects with expert insights for future-oriented architecture investments.

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360 degree view &
detailed analysis

We offer both: a comprehensive overview of the essential interrelationships and a detailed examination of complex details.

Tailor-made &

Identification of potential complications, individual consulting, recommendation of concrete next steps.

Access to rich
expert knowledge

We provide access to extensive experience in complex software architecture, from large corporations to start-ups.

Content of the IT Architecture Discovery

The AOE IT Architecture Discovery offers a fast, independent and well-founded expert evaluation of your existing architecture. Within a fixed financial and time frame, based on standard consultant day rates, we develop the key findings. Our individual risk assessment and targeted improvement proposals, ensure a future-proof architecture for your project or product.

  • Every project is unique: In a free initial meeting, we work with you to gain an overview of your project situation and identify possible potential and core aspects
  • Based on this, we define the goals for the discovery and plan the process, the detailed workshops as well as the necessary participants and documents
  • In the subsequent workshops and analysis, we examine the relevant aspects to create a holistic picture of your issues and develop an independent assessment of the potential risks as well as recommendations
  • These results are discussed with you in a final workshop and summarized in a report
  • On-Site, Hybrid, Remote – according to your needs

Costs & effort:
The discovery is designed to last approximately 10 consulting days in order to quickly arrive at sound recommendations for action and decision-making.

Use cases

Do you know some of the following problems and challenges? Then our architecture discovery can help you:

  • Is your existing architecture/system landscape future-proof?
  • Are you planning a new project and looking for a sparring partner?
  • Has your architecture and system landscape grown and become confusing? Are there performance and scaling problems? Can new functions and requirements hardly be implemented fast enough?
  • Do you know the risks hidden in your IT application? What are the cost drivers and is there unused potential?

Benefits of the IT Architecture Discovery

Flexible process,
individual focus

Our experts bring many years of diverse project experience to the table and evaluate the architecture of your systems. We also look at areas such as cybersecurity, DevOps, team organization and agile process models.

Applicable in
diverse industries

Our IT Architecture Discovery is applicable across industries and has already proven itself in various sectors such as telecommunications, e-commerce and beyond. Our experts have extensive knowledge in a wide range of technologies to provide you with industry-specific solutions and best practices, without excluding other industries.

Communication &
access requirements

We work closely with your team and require access to relevant documentation, systems and infrastructures. Our experts are always available for queries and discussions to provide the best possible support for your project.

We Take Data Protection Seriously

At AOE, we place great importance on protecting your confidential information and data during the discovery. We ensure this by signing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and adhering to strict security guidelines to make accessing, storing and sharing sensitive data trustworthy and controlled. So you can rest assured that your information is in safe hands.

Joachim Feger

CEO / studddy
AOE's experts quickly grasped our challenges and supported us in taking the right path for our new solution. The combination of elaborated architecture, cloud strategy, business goals and team structures particularly impressed us.

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We use HubSpot CRM to process and manage contact and information requests. Please accept the "Functional Cookies" and reload the page to load the contact form.