airline direct: User-friendly Travel Booking Portal

Current Data

The portal always displays up-to-date information, even when handling heavy traffic.

Optimized Search

The portal features a reliable search functionality. Thanks to numerous search options, users can search for the perfect flight or least expensive trip.

Completely Integrated

Portal, search solution and booking system form a unified platform.

airline direct is one of the best-known online travel portals and ISPs of the first hour. The portal has been offering users and customers the possibility to book flights, holidays and hotels online since 1999. For five years airline direct used its own, in-house solution for this purpose. But in early 2008 the portal's operator, Travel Viva, decided to replace its Web Content Management System (CMS), with a stable and license-free Open Source CMS based on TYPO3.


Travel Viva operates the Internet travel portal airline direct, which cooperates with a variety of selected partners and travel agencies. Because travelers book their own trip, the online portal saves costs and is able to deliver this price advantage to the customer. With a current offer of more than 3.5 million fares from leading airlines, as well as the entire range of flights available from low-cost carriers, it has become a leading provider of flights on the Internet. Portal users can choose among more than 100,000 offers of flights, rental cars and holidays from every price class. This gives the highest priority to the search solution and its associated search options.


For this reason, when AOE implemented the new TYPO3-based CMS, particular attention was paid to the intuitive functionality of the integrated search feature and its seamless connection to the client’s booking system. By using AJAX technology the user is given practical suggestions regarding airports, stopovers etc. while entering the search details. This is particularly helpful, for example, if a particular city has more than one airport, or the user wants to know whether the carrier flies to the airport of choice. In addition, customers can adjust their search options to exactly suit their needs, based on the type of trip.

For example, for the package trips alone the solution offers 19 main choice options with 15 additional variants. Integrated into the TYPO3 frontend, the search feature is connected to airline direct's proprietary booking system in the backend. Thanks to a fully redundant setup, this feature is always able to display the most up-to-date information from the backend, even when hit with heavy traffic. Parallel to migrating to TYPO3, the appearance of the web portal was also updated to reflect up-to-date interface design features. This is partially due to the use of numerous, flexible content elements, which were newly implemented for the migration of content-heavy sections of the portal, such as "Advice and Services" or "Contact and Help".


The new web travel portal appears more up-to-date and offers users even more options to meet their needs than the previous online platform. The extensive search features are intuitive; at the same time, the portal has been integrated seamlessly into the Travel Viva booking system.

About airline direct

The online travel booking portal "airline direct" was founded in 1998 and is operated by Travel Viva AG, Aschaffenburg, Germany. Their range of services, which have received the TÜV Safer Shopping Seal (German consumer protection organization) largely concentrate on low cost airlines, charter flights and special-rate offers from all the major airlines.


airline direct
Zossener Straße 55
10961 Berlin

Travel Viva AG
Luitpoldstraße 9
63739 Aschaffenburg

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