Daniel Pötzinger has many years of experience in the development and architecture of Enterprise Web Applications. He has worked with many great self-organized agile teams and knows how collaboration and mutual inspiration – together with the right technologies and patterns – makes software projects successful and solving challenges fun. He is also an active member of various Open Source communities and has gained extensive experience in building and designing performance-critical applications in an Enterprise environment. In addition, Daniel has comprehensive knowledge about how to establish DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices in IT organizations. At AOE, Daniel has provided consulting services and helped implement more than 100 Enterprise projects for such renowned clients as Deutsche Telekom, congstar, Rovio, Cisco WebEx, QVC and VMware. In addition, he continues to oversee the development of AOE products such as Searchperience, a sophisticated Enterprise search and recommendation engine and Flamingo, a scalable frontend framework for headless microservice architectures and modern commerce applications.