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Mundipharma: 10 years of pain
management communications

Mundipharma decided to completely convert their Web Content Management System from the previous commercial ECM Documentum CMS to an Open Source solution. Already back in 2008, the company chose AOE as a leader in Open Source Content Management solutions and became the online lead agency entrusted with the launch, maintenance and re-platforming of all Mundipharma internet portals. The website of the main business portal of was ready to go live after just three months. An additional four portals on the subject of pain therapy as well as the portal to Mundipharma Campus followed before the end of the year. Over a 10-year long trusted relationship AOE and Mundipharma launched more than a dozen informational healthcare portals. 

Content Management

Administration of content, translations, templates, microsites and multiple portals via one central CMS.

Systems Integration

Integration and central administration of contact forms of all microsites, including datasets, as well as login for the healthcare portal Doc-Check.


Focus on search engine-optimized pages for better ranking by search engines.

Migrating a highly-complex collection of Mundipharma sites and platform infrastructure into a centralized Open Source solution has always been one of the core areas of AOE as a leading content management expert. 

What made working in a highly regulated healthcare sector challening however, was a relatively complex and grown content infrastructure, connecting dozens of campaign and micro-sites, the integration of an extended contact and request management solution and the the integration with the industry-standard DocCheck® system. With more than 550,000 registered users, DocCheck® is the most used healthcare portal for professionals from the medical and pharmaceutical sectors in Europe. Doctors, chemists, pharmaceutical staff, medical students and many other groups of healthcare professionals use DocCheck® as their professional online information, networking and purchasing resource. The majority of Mundipharma content ist restricted to such health professionals and by integration with the DocCheck® is therefore secured from public viewing.

A specialized Single-Sign-On extension to DocCheck® ecosystem proved the most secure and scalable solution to achieve this part of the integration. In a similar fashion, integrating dozens of capture forms with their associated data sets where integrated into the internal CRM system infrastructure.

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We use HubSpot CRM to process and manage contact and information requests. Please accept the "Functional Cookies" and reload the page to load the contact form.