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About us

Meet the AOE Group

The AOE Group is a coalition of several highly successful digital service providers in Europe, combining creativity with innovative technology to future-proof companies across industries and sectors.

Together, we form a Network of Boutiques, merging the stability of a large service provider with the agility of a boutique.

Through close collaboration among our companies, we're able to offer holistic guidance to clients, serving as a competent partner in both the "big picture" of digital transformation and individual projects.

The AOE Group:


Talents. Enabling. Tech.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Wiesbaden, AOE GmbH is an agile software developer that implements demanding and complex software projects with entire development teams. Highly qualified experts in agile software solutions offer consulting services in DevOps & Cloud, software architecture, agility, and cybersecurity. As a peer partner for sophisticated software services, AOE is valued by clients in the e-commerce, telecommunications, aviation, healthcare, manufacturing, fin tech, and public sectors. Additionally, AOE GmbH operates the AOE Academy, which provides trainings in DevOps & Cloud, software development, software architecture, agility, software testing, and cybersecurity.  

Services: Strategic and technological consulting, services in agile software development, DevOps & Cloud, software architecture, cybersecurity, and customized training programs for various industries such as e-commerce, telecommunications, aviation, healthcare, manufacturing, fin tech, and the public sector. Values: In our interaction with each other as well as with customers and partners, we rely on trust, open communication, and meeting at eye level. This way, we create optimal conditions for fair cooperation, creative ideas, and innovation. 

Awards: Family-Friendly Employer in Germany, Spirit of Excellence Award for Best Omnichannel Experience, Goldene Lilie for outstanding social commitment. 

References (excerpt): Deutsche Telekom, congstar, RTL+, 1NCE, Condor, Frankfurt Airport, among others. 


Finno Consult GmbH

We’ve helped put banking customers into the fast lane.

FInno Consult is a digital boutique consulting agency with over 20 years of industry experience focused on digital innovation consulting for banks and insurance companies to develop digital products and services that banking and insurance customers really love. The agency's digital solutions have received several awards, including the International Banking Tech and the Handelsblatt Diamond Star in the "Mobile Banking" category.   

The international UX benchmarking Finnoscore was launched in 2015 with the aim of making the digital competence of banks and insurance companies internationally measurable and comparable. Since its inception, more than 60 European banks and insurance companies have optimized their digital customer experiences with Finnoscore and the expertise of the FInno Consult team.  

Services: Significantly and permanently improve digital customer experience and sales processes for banks and insurance companies, develop solutions from the perspective of micro-customer segments, conduct a global digital fitness check for banks and insurance companies with the Finnoscore. 

Values: Our mission is to noticeably and permanently improve the digital customer experience at banks and insurance companies. We consistently try to think from the customer's perspective in every project and thus create solutions that solve customer problems and thus create real added value.  

Awards: International Banking Tech Award, Handelsblatt Diamond Star in the Mobile Banking category 

References (excerpt): ADAC, Sparda-Banks, Helvetia, Migros Bank, City of Vienna, Bank Cler, Sparkassen Germany, Cantonal Banks Switzerland, among others.

ENNO studio GmbH

We design engaging digital experiences for all.

ENNO studio GmbH was founded at the end of 2019 as a design agency in Berlin and defines itself as a product design and innovation consultancy. It develops digital products from the idea to the finished design and creates appealing, customer-centric and inclusive user experiences for customers.  

With innovation experts, product designers, UX architects, motion designers and customer insights experts in France, Germany and Austria, ENNOstudio is at home in the heart of Europe.  

Services: Design agency and innovation consulting, focused on engaging, customer-centric, and inclusive visual user experiences, motion design, workshops and training, XP-Score analysis of customer interactions with digital solutions 

Values: ENNO-manifesto is deeply rooted in inclusive design and states the following:  

We are driven by a simple goal - to simplify and create access for everyone. We believe that good design should be accessible to all, regardless of their gender, background, status, or location. Our mission is to reach more people who are otherwise excluded and bring them into the conversation.   

Awards: Barmer wins CDR Award with DigiTal (designed by ENNOSTUDIO).

References (excerpt): Vodafone, Sparkasse Chemnitz, Wüstenrot, ADAC, Migros Bank, BARMER, HelloFresh, among others.

ITM Research GmbH

Discover the future of finance with ITM Research.

Established in 1998, ITM Research is headquartered in Pforzheim, with offices in Sarajevo and an upcoming presence in Zürich. It specializes in advanced digital solutions that enhance the financial landscape. From innovative app development to seamless core banking integration, ITM Research covers every aspect of the process.

By combining cutting-edge technology with proven development methods, ITM Research creates secure enterprise solutions for both large companies and ambitious startups. The focus is on delivering exceptional user experiences that meet customer needs, making their digital products indispensable for technology leaders.

Services: Design and development of state-of-the-art FinTech solutions for enterprises and startups and strategic consulting. 

Values: Our mission is to revolutionize the financial industry by providing innovative solutions that enhance digital experiences. With our expertise in financial systems, business processes, and successful projects, we combine modern digital technologies to drive transformation and deliver exceptional results. We strive to optimize efficiency, enhance security, and unlock growth opportunities for our valued customers, while prioritizing seamless user experiences and personalized journeys. Join us as we shape the future of finance through technology and expertise.   

Awards: Banking Technology Award, Handelsblatt Diamond Star, and Capital's "Best FinTech Apps."  

References (excerpt): Huk Coburg, Fakir, Sparda-Bank, Bank Cler, Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences, Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank. 

Our shared values: Purpose-driven. For and with our customers and employees. For the people.

We not only aspire to elevate business metrics to new heights but also to shape digitization within our sphere of influence in a value-oriented and efficient manner – for a positive societal impact.

Sustainability and ethical principles are firmly embedded in our value culture, enabling us to take responsibility for society and the environment on which we and our services and products have an impact. In designing inclusive products, we prioritize diversity, universality, accessibility, and equality. Shared goals with our customers, values ​​such as openness, trust, and respect, as well as fair treatment, form the framework for successful and collaborative cooperation.

Our offering: Digital. End-to-end.    

Together, the AOE group of companies forms a European network that is characterized by its interdisciplinary capabilities. We develop customized, digital solutions that meet both the technical requirements and market-specific needs of our customers.

From the creative idea to the measurable result: thanks to our many years of expertise, we develop tailor-made strategies for innovative business models. Our consulting know-how and agile approach enable practical implementation in digital solutions with real added value.

 Our vision: Actively shaping the digital future.

Digitalization is changing the world: it makes processes more efficient, connects people and facilitates access to knowledge and products. At the AOE Group, we use digitalization as an opportunity to drive companies forward and actively shape the future.

We solve complex challenges with customized software and seamlessly integrate modern technologies to open up new business areas for our customers. Every one of our employees has the potential to achieve great things. That's why we encourage their personal and professional development through appreciation and creative freedom.

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