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Sparkasse Chemnitz

Sparkasse Chemnitz

Driving digital excellence: Transforming Sparkasse Chemnitz's online presence to lead in innovation

During our project with Sparkasse Chemnitz we undertook a comprehensive digital transformation initiative. We breathed new life into their digital presence through strategic optimizations and with bespoke page designs tailored to diverse customer segments. Despite technical constraints we came up with design improvements and, at the same time, also shared our methodological know-how.

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Navigating Digital Transformation: It’s changes that keep you competitive

When our collaboration with Sparkasse Chemnitz began in July 2023 we faced several significant challenges. In spite of a successful revamp of the actual Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, individual Sparkassen were lagging behind. The emergence of neobanks intensified competition, which clearly called for innovative solutions. But firstly, we had to overcome skepticism regarding innovation and new ways of working. And we had to make sure any solutions rose to the challenge presented by Sparkasse Chemnitz’s ambitious goal of being a digital transformation leader within the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe by 2027. ENNOstudio with its diverse design skills, passion and commitment stepped up to meet these challenges head-on.


Crafting Digital Transformation: A comprehensive Execution Strategy works wonders

In collaboration with FinnoConsult and Prospire we structured the project into four streams: Digital Optimization, Control and Measurement, Strategy and Transformation and Digital Change. We began with comprehensive audits and in depth stakeholder interviews. Workshops ensured stakeholder input. Our overall aim was to not only bring about change but also set new benchmarks and broaden the customer base. We focused on enhancing the customer interface through analysis of existing pages, personas and journeys; blending innovation with familiarity inspired by the parent group’s design ethos. Internally, initiatives like Haus des Wandels and comprehensive change management brought a welcomed culture shift and, ultimately, enhanced digital skills organization-wide.


Design the product page to be user-centered

We carried out comprehensive digital optimizations for Sparkasse Chemnitz’s Digitales Beratungscenter and Girokonto product pages. Our approach included refining how information is presented, so as to enhance clarity and streamline processes. Additionally, we integrated trust-building badges and employed strategic art direction to elevate the visual appeal. Microcopy was meticulously crafted to drive conversion rates, especially with regard to CTAs. UX enhancements were implemented, such as providing direct contact options and essential information was highlighted for easy access. On top of this, intuitive process explanations and improved product overviews were put in place to faciliate user decision-making. By introducing new elements and redesigning existing ones, we aimed to improve usability and eliminate pain points, ultimately with the purpose of enhancing the overall user experience.


Personalizing to grow Market Strength

In our bid to bolster Sparkasse Chemnitz’s market position we pursued innovative page development; leveraging personalization to aligh with diverse customer demographics. A fresh Landing Page now showcases modern product offerings to new customers, while seamlessly integrating with the Kontofinder for easy access.

Similarly, our product page for senior citizens, designed with the preferences of that demographic in mind, offers customized information, services and training courses. These personalized touches have consolidated Sparkasse Chemnitz’s position and solidified its reputation as a trusted financial partner across all demographic groups.

Change Management

Welcome to Haus des Wandels

Haus des Wandels is the transformative heart of our collaboration with Sparkasse Chemnitz. We created a platform – from conception to execution – that empowered Sparkasse Chemnitz’s workforce. Using an iterative process we honed in on the core needs of the employees and made sure that every aspect of Haus des Wandels was in tune with their professional growth journey.

We leveraged AI technology to reinvigorate the platform; creating captivating visuals that not only fit the concept but also enhanced user engagement. The culmination of our efforts was showcased at the prestigious 2024 Zukunftstag, where Haus des Wandels garnered plenty of praise from stakeholders and employees alike. Haus des Wandels remains a cornerstone of our shared vision of pioneering digitalization within the Sparkasse Group. Together, we are shaping the future of banking by empowering individuals so that they embrace change and actually thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.


Communicating what the bank brings: the Zukunftstag campaign

We led, in collaboration with Sparkasse Chemnitz’s innovation department, a comprehensive Zukunftstag campaign. We used a multi-targeted approach – with designs spanning various platforms – that involved crafting newsletters, event pages, posters, emails and invitations.

To go that extra mile to ensure the campaign’s success and boost employee involvement, we were there on-site during Zukunftstag. This allowed us to have face-to-face interaction with employees, where we could provide them with valuable insights, answer queries and instill a deeper understanding of the campaign’s objectives. Our holistic approach, which bridges digital and physical realms, made for a cohesive and impactful campaign experience.


Driving Change but Striking a Balance

Throughout our journey with Sparkasse Chemnitz we learned invaluable lessons that will continue to shape our approach to digital transformation. Balancing innovative and user-centered designs within the constraints of a limited CMS proved challenging; yet, it was essential for success. Encouraging the adoption of new methodologies in an organization entrenched in traditional practices always requires patience and perseverance – Sparkasse Chemnitz was no execption. Our experience has taught us the significance of creating workshop concepts for change management, which we used to establish a culture of innovation and adaptability across the entire organization. These learnings underscore the importance of flexibility, collaboration and forward-thinking when navigating the complexities of modern digital transformation initiatives.