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congstar: Agile Methods for Telco provider of the Year!

About the Case Study

How can an enterprise online sales and self-care portal be set up step by step and adapted to constantly changing circumstances? How can self-organized teams be scaled in large, agile organizations? And how does a successful cooperation emerge from which service provider and client benefit? Just some of the questions that have been answered during the partnership between congstar and AOE. This case study provides insights into the history of the partnership, describes the evolution of the architecture and explains the change from a monolithic application to a microservices approach.

Business Benefits

  • Scalable and flexible solution
  • Microservice architecture ideal for dedicated teams
  • Targeted management of personalized campaigns
  • Automated business processes
  • Easy customer- and product data maintenance

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Distributed Agile Teams

congstar is supported by AOE Scrum teams. Product Owners and Scrum Masters are located in Cologne – developers in Wiesbaden.

Customer Service

Flexible, web-based structures simplify the maintenance of the customer self-care portal.

Scalable and Flexible

The scalable and flexible architecture ensures sustainability of the solution and optimizes the benefits for congstar and the end customers.

Management Summary: Microservices ensure clear allocation of tasks and flexibility in development

For more than ten years, congstar and AOE have been working together to develop the Enterprise Telco solution for the "Mobile Service Provider of the Year" from 2012 to 2019 (awarded by the trade magazine Connect). During this time, the solution has been continuously expanded, adapted to the constantly changing circumstances and at the same time set up in an agile manner. The resulting challenges were extensive. On the technical side, the original platform increasingly evolved into a complex enterprise application to meet all requirements – an application we call the E-Commerce Framework for Telecommunication Providers (EFT) Suite. The EFT suite is a customizable E-Cmmerce and sales platform designed specifically for large telecommunications providers (Telcos) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). The Enterprise Suite enables flexible control of personalized campaigns, automates and digitalizes business processes and offers simple customer and product data maintenance as well as customer self-care for end customers.

For some years now, the existing suite is being continuously migrated to Microservices. The complexity of the enterprise solution confronted the Scrum teams with various challenges, which were mastered by a new software architecture and oriented toward the structure of the Scrum teams. The decision was made to redevelop the platform and successively expand the original EFT suite with numerous microservices. The focus during the process was on the webshop and on customer self-care. As the solution became more comprehensive over the years, the teams had to be continuously expanded and their structures adapted. Since then, the EFT suite has been continuously refactored from a monolithic application into a microservices-based architecture and broken down to some 25 microservices for the new congstar application. Programming was done with Spring Boot and Java/Groovy. The long-term goal is to be able to offer the EFT suite as a completely microservices-oriented platform in the enterprise sector.

Dr. Peter Opdemom

Dr. Peter Opdemom

Managing Director Marketing, Service and Sales / congstar
AOE is clearly at the forefront of change when it comes to deploying technology in a way that will deliver significant benefits to our customers."

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