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Building the next generation of digital-first, customer-centric telco platforms

The telecom industry seeks new ways to enhance operations and engage customers. Open Networking and Communication as a Service (CaaS) prioritize customer needs and smooth communication. Going digital-first is essential in this dynamic environment. API-driven workflows and digital models will drive industry innovation and growth. 

With many years' experience in the telecommunications industry, AOE provides a whole range of pre-defined and pre-integrated telco solution modules as part of a cloud-based architecture concept. eTOM-compliant, usable for both broadband and mobile applications, easily customizable to specific customer needs.

We make digital convergence happen in the emerging ecosystems of telco, energy and entertainment, all while having 5G at our doorstep. Break up monolithic-grown architectures, slowing you down and embrace what is ahead with cutting-edge, API-first technology solutions.

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New players entering the markets, declining customer loyalty, monolithic architectures.

Does that sound familiar?

At AOE, we understand the requirements of today’s rapidly changing telecommunications industry. Together with your business units, we analyze your needs and transform challenges into opportunities.

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Solve your challenges with these use cases


Rationalize the frontend and decouple the frontend from the backend for a real-time fast-to-market unified shop with multi-channel touchpoints.

Product bundling

Product convergence with third-party product bundling (e.g. energy, entertainment, etc.) and any subscription model.


Personalization in real time and predicting customer behavior of your customer segment.

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Our experienced experts dig deep into your case to understand the requirements, analyze the infrastructure together with your IT team, and develop concrete solutions. With our knowledge and experience, we add to the skill set of your team – for more speed and efficiency.


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Not ready to jump yet?

The scope of your project is giving you sleepless nights or you are worried that your budget is not sufficient?

Over a thousand successfully completed IT projects have prepared us for your questions. Sit with us for one day to get to know your project better. Together, we can refine your vision and then you can start from there.

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  • 1 day evaluation
  • Tailored analysis
  • Up to three AOE specialists
  • Snacks, drinks and a friendly, easy-going atmosphere



  • A profound project briefing
  • An elaborate effort estimation
  • A realistic timeline with milestones
  • An overview of next steps

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