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CX & Digital Commerce

CX and Digital Commerce

Exceed customer expectations and boost revenue with personalized content, smart touchpoints, and an outstanding user experience.

Grow with the expectations of your users: actively shape customer experiences along the customer journey! What you need: real-time insights into user behavior, an integrated solution that works for employees, and smart processes.

Changing customer behavior is a challenge – and a huge opportunity for innovative ideas. We have decades of experience in successfully fulfilling the potential of our customers, often pushing the boundaries of what was deemed possible. Benefit from our extensive expertise in the implementation of digital strategies as well as our award-winning technology solutions for Digital Commerce, omnichannel logistics and personalization. We combine established and proven standard technologies as part of our Digital Commerce solutions. Leading AOE products complement the approach to tackle specific challenges in big Digital Commerce projects.

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Adapting to changing customer behavior presents challenges and opportunities for innovation. With decades of experience, we've consistently redefined what's achievable. Leverage our expertise in award-winning e-commerce, and customer journey analytics for both B2B and D2C.

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We love helping brands reach the next level of D2C commerce.

You're B2B? We're passionate about empowering your business to excel in B2B commerce.

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Products that involve a lot of work have a habit of giving a lot of pleasure. To us, our customers and their customers.

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The scope of your project is giving you sleepless nights or you are worried that your budget is not sufficient?

Over a thousand successfully completed IT projects have prepared us for your questions. Sit with us for one day to get to know your project better. Together, we can refine your vision and then you can start from there.

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  • 1 day evaluation
  • Tailored analysis
  • Up to three AOE specialists
  • Snacks, drinks and a friendly, easy-going atmosphere



  • A profound project briefing
  • An elaborate effort estimation
  • A realistic timeline with milestones
  • An overview of next steps


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