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Retail banking is becoming increasingly accessible and free of media disruption

June 24, 2024

Topics such as accessibility and frictionless online onboarding are gaining in importance for the banks.

The Finnoscore is Europe’s leading assessment of the digital capabilities of banks from the perspective of customers. 

Our sister company FInno Consult, an innovation consultancy for companies in finance and insurance, launched the  international UX benchmarking Finnoscore with the aim of making the digital competence of banks and insurance companies internationally measurable and comparable. Since its inception, more than 60 European banks and insurance companies have optimized their digital customer experiences with Finnoscore and the expertise of the FInno Consult team.

Now, a new Finnoscore User Experience study has been published.It assesses the digital maturity and initiation experience of retail banks and insurance companies based on 300 criteria. They compare over 230 banks, 30 private banking providers and 69 insurance companies across Europe and North America.

This year, the new Finnoscore is focusing on topics such as omnichannel communication with an emphasis on real-time communication, seamless online onboarding and customer loyalty in the banking world. In addition, many banks have implemented the accessibility measures prescribed by the new Accessibility Act (BFSG) which comes into effect in 2025. Good examples of this can be found in Serbia and Greece.

As Germany ranks third in an international comparison, we took a closer look at the user experience strategies of Sparkasse savings banks and Volksbank cooperative banks.

Download the entire study as a PDF and get an insight into:

  • Detailed rankings
  • Key lessons
  • Winners and losers
  • Backgrounds

For more information, read the full article.