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Hankook: European CMS Introduction and Product Finder

About the Case Study

Hankook Tire replaced its own CMS with an Open Source solution. With the new solution, it is now possible to integrate and edit content for the European market on the website independently of the headquarters.

Business Benefits

  • Independent creation and maintenance of content
  • Simple website administration
  • Comprehensive information and tools

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Tire Comparison

Direct side-by-side comparison of selected tires using the “Tire Presenter” feature. More than 1,400 different ver-sions are available.

Media Center

A comprehensive media center offers a variety of downloadable marketing material, such as TV and company promotion ads.


A specially developed Google Maps API-interface enables potential customers to locates and visually display the nearest dealerships.

Management Summary: Better ROI for the supplier, lasting positive impression for customers

As part of the redesign and implementation of the European Hankook site, the entire content needed to be migrated; in addition, a completely new structure and a newly developed corporate design were to be transferred to the Internet. The aim was to create a website that created an atmosphere that matched the product and at the same time offered a wealth of practical information and tools on the subject of Hankook tires. The new portal is now easier to use, saves time and money and offers a much better ROI than the previous CMS. The integration of Flash animations creates a special atmosphere right from the start.

Moritz Pommer

Moritz Pommer

Web Manager / Hankook Tire GmbH
Thanks to the new CMS infrastructure, we can at last develop our sophisticated design and conceptual requirements entirely independent of our Korean Headquarters, and all within an easy to use and maintain, completely localized environment."

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