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AOEconf2017: How to eat an ElePHPant, congstar style

November 15, 2017
Christian HolzschuhChristian HolzschuhMarketing & Communications

How can you scale self-organized teams in an agile organization? How can an online sales and self-care portal be implemented step-by-step and adapted to continuously changing conditions? What do I need to take into account when designing my IT architecture?

AOE developers Stefan Rotsch and Timo Fuchs answer these and other questions, using our congstar project as an example. They provide insights into the project history, describe the evolution of architecture and explain the change from a monolithic application to a microservice approach. During the course of the project, the AOE team has evolved, both in size (currently more than 30 developers split into four Scrum teams, with a fifth team scheduled for 2018), as well as regarding agile software development and work processes.

How do I eat an elephant? Simple: One microservice at a time.

How do I eat an elePHPant?

Presentation: How to eat an ElePHPant, congstar style