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AOEconf2017: AOE CTO Daniel Pötzinger presents OM³ and the AOE Tech Radar

November 24, 2017
Christian HolzschuhChristian HolzschuhMarketing & Communications

The second member of management to be featured in our AOEconf17 series is AOE Chief Technology Officer Daniel Pötzinger. Daniel gave two presentations during the conference, an introduction to our OM³ Suite and an overview of the AOE Tech Radar.

Talk: A flight through our OM³ systems

In the presentation “A flight through the OM³ systems – the journey has just begun”, Daniel presented an overview of our OM³ Suite, a powerful online marketplace, which venues with large numbers of customers such as airports, shopping malls or integrated resorts can use to realize their full retailing potential. 

AOEconf2017 participants could find out about the solution’s infrastructure as well the implemented systems. In addition, Daniel explained the benefits that OM³ offers our customers. During his talk, Daniel took a closer look as some of the systems we used to build the solution, among them:

  • Flamingo – E-Commerce Frontend for Microservice Architectures
  • Dynamic Pricings and Recommendation in Searchperience
  • On-Airport Logistics

AOEconf17 video: A flight through the OM³ systems

Presentation: A flight through the OM³ systems

One of the motivations behind OM³ is the tremendous change in customer behavior. The best example of this is that there are more mobile devices worldwide than toothbrushes.

AOE Tech Radar Insights

At the beginning of 2017, AOE introduced its first Tech Radar. In his second AOE Conference 2017 talk, Daniel provided insights into the rationale behind the technology radar and described the latest AOE technology ratings.

AOEconf17 video: AOE Tech Radar Insights

Presentation: Insights into the AOE Tech Radar