AOE’s award-winning Omnichannel Multi-Merchant Marketplace (OM³) is a powerful online marketplace, which venues with large numbers of customers such as airports, shopping malls or integrated resorts can use to realize their full retailing potential. With the comprehensive suite of software applications and services, customers can enjoy a seamless online and offline shopping experience.

Powerful Marketplace

Powerful and flexible E-Commerce applications with highest availability

Omnichannel E-Commerce

Seamless shopping experience across all devices, sales- and communications channels

Scalability & Connectivity

Scalable to millions of products, orders, retailers and customers independent of data format

OM³ is a digital marketplace for numerous retailers, products and systems. OM³ connects retailers and customers, communications and sales, online and offline, seamlessly across all channels and devices.

Video: OM³ Suite in action

OM³: Digitalization and Connection of Airport Service

OM³ helps multi-retailer venues such as airports to realize their full potential and create a short-term return on investment by fusing the offline and online experience into one comprehensive suite of software applications and services. It enables complete customer interaction across multiple touchpoints. OM³ created immediate results at Frankfurt Airport, where the platform was initially implemented. The solution helped to reverse a significant downward trend in travel retail, observed by airports across the globe. For example, cross- and upselling increased by 35 percent and basket value increased by 300 percent.

OM³ consists of a unique and modular set of pre-integrated Omnichannel functionalities, services and infrastructure. It enables customized selection of functionalities according to airport-specific business requirements. The one-of-a-kind solution offers passengers a variety of convenient options for planning their travel and during the trip itself, during online and offline shopping at the airport and for accessing airport services. Passengers can get information about products and shop in advance of their trip or during layover and waiting times. OM³ transform airports to digital airports

The most important Aspects of the OM³ Suite

  • Omnichannel Experience: Seamless shopping for end customers across all channels and devices through networking of information, services and platforms
  • Management of Products and Product Ranges: Marketplace with a virtually unlimited number of products and product ranges, controlled through a PIM System
  • Integration of Retailers and Systems: Integration of any number of retailers as well as varied systems and software programs via an integration layer
  • E-Commerce Process Chain: Complete process handling from order management to payments to fulfillment
  • Omnichannel Fulfillment: One-hour delivery when picking up in-store or at selected pickup points, same-day home delivery


  • Airports
  • Airlines
  • Shopping Centers
  • Cruise Ships
  • Resorts

Benefits of the OM³ Suite

Combining Online & Offline

Seamless cross-channel shopping experience, both online and offline

Powerful Marketing Tools

Facilitate location-based marketing, push notifications and loyalty program integration

Increased Sales

Additional customers and improved availability of offers increase sales

Products and Ranges

Complete integration and display of all products and product ranges of all retailers

Connected Services

Combine all ancillary revenue streams such as Parking, Fast-Track or VIP Services into one unique Customer Experience

Real-time Information

Full real-time communication of all systems enables indoor navigation, personalized advertising, last-minute delivery changes and other services

Same Hour on-premise Delivery

Logistics supports fulfillment through pickup points and various delivery options within one hour on-premise


Its modern architecture and patterns enable flexible adaptation and scaling to upcoming digital challenges

Integration and Interfaces

Integration of hundreds of systems and data formats, connecting any number of existing systems & software

Our clients

The first Digital Airport

Frankfurt is the first airport to digitize its complete service offering with the OM³ solution. This allows passengers e.g. booking services with loyalty points.

Luxury E-Commerce

Heathrow's strategy involves strengthening digital infrastructure and services. With customer-friendly processes, Heathrow creates high-end e-commerce for 300 luxury brands.

High Street Shopping

With the OM³ platform, Auckland creates a digital marketplace for high street shopping that appeals to customers in addition to the physical environment.

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