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Webinar: 3 digital solutions for the automotive industry

October 21, 2019
Christian HolzschuhChristian HolzschuhMarketing & Communications

The automotive industry is in a state of upheaval. Almost every day there are reports of short-time work at the major German manufacturers or job cuts at suppliers. The climate debate is causing regular headlines, most of which are negative. So what can the industry do to position itself for the future and what needs to be taken into account so that the auto industry remains the growth and innovation engine of the economy? Steven Bailey, Chief Strategy Officer of AOE, answered these questions. Together with technology partner Akeneo, he explained how AOE sees the future of Omnichannel Commerce – both in the automotive industry and in other industries – during the 3 Digital Solutions for the Automotive Industry webinar.

Using three practical use cases, he illustrated which approaches the industry can pursue in order to master the current challenges. For the entire automotive industry, it is important that the customer is the focus of attention – whether end or business customer. An Omnichannel Commerce platform such as the AOE B2X Commerce Cloud, which acts as a business enabler for digitization, can help in this (Fig. 1). With the help of such a platform, the industry can master the challenges of e-mobility, climate protection and targeted communication to customers.

Conclusion of the webinar: The industry sells mobility, not cars. You can follow the entire webinar by clicking on the button. Further information on Data-Driven Commerce can be found in the Whitepaper on the B2X Commerce Cloud

AOE Webinar WITH Akeneo

Steven Bailey

Steven Bailey

A seismic shift is currently taking place in the automotive industry. The climate debate, constantly increasing competitive pressure, changing customer demands and digitalization are forcing the industry to rethink. The result: the car industry will sell mobility instead of cars in the future.