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"Legs are made for walking..." – THE Customer Experience with the B2X Commerce Cloud

June 05, 2019
Steven BaileySteven BaileyChief Strategy Officer

As online customers, we have all had unrewarding customer journeys. On the way to the ultimate customer experience, we found ourselves confronted with obstacles, most of which had the consequence that we discontinued our journey – that is, our shopping.

In this second blog of our ongoing series, we take a look at the “walking legs” of our B2X Commerce Cloud, the Magento E-Commerce solution.

“These Legs are made for walking, thus for creating revenue!” Without the right platform, there is no satisfying customer journey and no successful E-Commerce offering. Magento, part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, forms the shop foundation of B2X and thus drives the sales of our commerce solutions.

Magento‘s great strength lies in experience-driven commerce, with which we create a positive user experience with every journey; for this, a multitude of functions must be taken into account.

Steven Bailey

Steven Bailey

The journey should always be the optimal customer experience: Without legs – i.e. without a suitable E-Commerce solution – the customer journey is not possible and the customer simply backs out.

Strong features for a strong customer journey

The customer journey within the B2X commerce cloud is lean and efficient, even when a large number of companies, individuals and use cases are involved and managed within one solution (Fig. 1):

Each E-Commerce journey, whether B2C or B2B, follows a path along specific features, including:

  • Search for products or services
  • Comparisons of similar products
  • Prices, incl. (volume) discounts, taxes, terms of payment, etc.
  • Adding purchases to the shopping cart
  • Payment
  • Order Management
  • Fulfillment
  • Logistics

Broken down to B2B, this means that although most E-Commerce solutions have a similar offering on the functional level, they differ significantly in handling, costs and benefits on the corporate side. For companies, issues such as business costs, short time-to-market, sustainable revenue streams as well as the transformation of the customer journey are important in order to ultimately maintain the competitive edge.