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AOE receives Golden Lily 2022 and special award "Commitment in the pandemic"

October 11, 2022

Our commitment - among other things to disease research - convinced the jury: On October 10, AOE not only received the Golden Lily, but also the special "Pandemic Commitment" award, which was presented for the first time this year. In front of around 100 guests from business and city society, we were honored as one of 40 companies by City Councilor Christoph Manjura and UPJ Board Member André Koch-Engelmann. We are very pleased to have been recognized twice for our efforts, especially because many AOE employees were involved in a wide range of charitable projects, including Folding@home, during the first particularly challenging period of the COVID 19 pandemic. For this, AOE IT as well as employees provided enormous computing capacities for disease research.


Why we were awarded

The Golden Lily is awarded to companies that actively take responsibility for the common good - for example by providing free advice or services to charitable organizations, or by making donations in kind or money. For this, we at AOE have now been awarded the prize for the second time after 2020, among other things for our participation in and support as part of the "Wiesbaden engagiert!" action week.

The special "Pandemic Commitment" award is also intended to honor the efforts of companies that have made a contribution to overcoming the consequences of the pandemic - for their employees as well as for the common good. So, on the one hand, measures to promote employee health were evaluated - in our case, for example, the rapid switch to almost 100% remote work, flexibility in the event of illness and children's illness, regular internal surveys and support measures for employees in home offices, and much more.

On the other hand, of course, it was also about charitable activities such as the participation in the #Weagainstvirus Hackathon of the German government, from which, among other things, the idea for was born.

Another impressive project in this area was our involvement in Folding@home: This involves making computing capacities available for disease research. After all, the basis for developing therapies and vaccines against COVID-19, for example, is an understanding of the virus, which is gained through computer simulations, among other things. And that in turn requires enormous computing capacities.

To this end, we have made available unused server clusters from AOE as well as processing resources from employees' private computers (e.g. gaming computers) - the equivalent of 83,000 euros!

André Koch- Engelmann

Vorstand / UPJ
Many award winners are receiving the Golden Lily for the umpteenth time. This shows that taking on social responsibility is a matter of course for companies and not a short-term action just to improve their own image.

The Golden Lily: What is it actually?

The Golden Lily is a joint initiative of the state capital Wiesbaden with the UPJ Network for Corporate Citizenship and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility project) and a pillar of the "Wiesbaden Engagiert!" strategy of the Office for Social Work. The award has been presented to committed companies since 2010.