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AOE provides IT capacities for Corona research

July 23, 2020
Sarah HeimSarah HeimContent & Marketing Communications

Everyone can make a contribution to overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic – this is currently being demonstrated, for example, by AOE IT, which provides computing capacity for researching the disease. After all, an elementary building block for understanding a virus – and thus for the development of therapies and vaccines - is understanding its protein structures and protein movements. In addition to experiments, this also requires complex computer simulations.

As part of the Folding@home project, AOE IT is providing computing capacity for these simulations. In concrete terms this means: unused AOE server clusters and AOE staff gaming computers support universities and laboratories in disease research.

What is Folding@home?

The Volunteer Computing Project is specialized in the analysis of protein folding and other types of molecular dynamics in the context of disease research. Such computer simulations require enormous computing capacities. The project therefore distributes the tasks among different computers and servers. This is where volunteers such as AOE and its staff come in: by making the unused processing resources of private computers or company servers available for the project.

In addition to the #WirVsVirus Hackathon of the German government and the development and implementation of, the support of Folding@home is another contribution AOE employees make to the COVID-19 fight.