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AOEconf2017: The basic concept of an agile organization

November 13, 2017
Christian HolzschuhChristian HolzschuhMarketing & Communications

On September 14, 2017, the 2nd AOE conference took place. Participants were able to obtain extensive information on our projects and on topics such as digitalization, agility, Management 3.0 as well as Open Source software development and -project management on site and via live streams in Facebook and on the AOEpeople YouTube channel. Here, we present the most interesting presentations in loose sequence. We begin with our COO, Joern Bock. His Keynote: “The Basic Concept of an Agile Organization – why are we going the agile way in the first place” sets the tone for the entire conference.

In his presentation, Joern explains why AOE believes so strongly in agility, why we are going down the path of self-organized teams and what the benefits are for our clilents and our company.

During his talk he also provides answers to several crucial questions that all companies should ask themselves – regardless, of whether they already work in an agile manner or are simply intending to. Among them:

  • Why do we design our organization as an agile organization?
  • What does it even mean to create an agile organization?
  • Why is it considered to be the one and only successfull strategy for a future-proof organization?

Beyond that, Joern covers some theoretical background important for an agile corporate culture, for example the “X”-Y Theory”, which describes two entirely different images of humanity. You can see all this and more on his video. If you want to dive in-depth into the topic, we recommend the presentation, where you will find additional information about agile organizations.

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