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AOE Conference 2018: Of Trust, Fishbowls and Flamingos

November 28, 2018
Christian HolzschuhChristian HolzschuhMarketing & Communications

On November 15, 2018, the third annual AOE Conference took place. The focus this year was on agility and technology. Agile Coach Christof Braun kicked things off with the first highlight talk of the day. His lecture “A bag full of trust - that's what you get when you start at AOE. Why is it important, how can we (re)fill it”, was the perfect start to a conference with numerous and very different topics.

Why is trust so important, both in corporate terms and in the working environment? How does trust create a sustainable foundation for collaboration at AOE? What is trust anyway? And how can you regain it after losing it? You will shortly find answers to these questions and more on the subject in a separate blog about the first presentation at the AOE Conference 2018.

Impressions of the AOE Conference

2 Parallel Tracks: Agile and Tech

After the first highlight talk, conference participants were able to create their own agenda for the day from two parallel tracks. In the Agile track, for example, they could learn about the onboarding process at AOE (“Buddy-Mentor concept revisited – recap of almost a dozen onboardings”). Other topics included digital transformation (“Stories from the life of a sufferer”), Usability Test Sessions and decision-making in self-organized teams.

There were also numerous technical topics to choose from. The topics ranged from security in the congstar project to web components and a high-level look at what is new in the OM³ world to debugging and two talks on the Flamingo Framework. Flamingo, based on the Open Source language Go, is a powerful and scalable frontend framework for commerce applications developed by AOE.

Christof Braun

Christof Braun

Agile Coach
Trust improves teamwork and creates space for experiments. Therefore, it is also an important factor in making companies more productive.

As in the past, the AOE Conference provided an opportunity for experiments this year as well. After the lunch break, AOE management discussed company culture with employees. For the discussion, moderator Alex Blom chose the Fishbowl format. Thesis: How ambitious should AOE’s goals be – and to what extent can companies contribute to shaping a better world? Although this complex question could not be answered conclusively, the far-too-short discussion brought some new insights that will be included in the further dialogue.

At the end of the AOE Conference 2018, our chefs Christoph Munsch and Tobias Weinert gave witty insights into the life of a chef. The changing perspectives of a career jumper and a professionally trained chef created an interesting juxtaposition and left many smiling faces in the audience.

The AOE Conference: From Employees for Employees

The AOE Conference was held for the third time this year. The original idea of the conference was to create a forum for the exchange of ideas between AOE employees. During the past three years, different formats were tried out, live streaming options were tested and, last year, external participants were invited.

No matter what the format will look like in the future, planning for the AOE Conference 2019 is already underway.

Over the next few weeks, we will cover the most interesting presentations in loose succession. First up is “A bag full of trust - that's what you get when you start at AOE. Why is it important, how can we (re)fill it”.

Additional Information on AOE and the AOE Conference

Selected videos of the AOE Conference 2017 can be found in our AOE Conf Playlist on our AOEpeople YouTube channel. We upload the presentations of the speakers to Slideshare. You can find more pictures of the AOE Conference 2018 on our AOE Facebook page. Still not enough? Then have a look at our blogposts of the AOE Conference 2017. Have fun!