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Being good at what we do
is not a job, it's an attitude.
We deliver excellence
every day.

The cross-functional agile AOE teams combine experience with methodical and technological competence. The goal: to develop sustainable, scalable high-quality solutions. Get the best people for your project.

Tech Skills

We know how to transform strategy into technology.


Our methods enable us to master complex challenges.


We have extensive experience in digital projects.

Mastering complex challenges with an agile setup

Proximity to the market, agile collaboration and small,
independently operating teams

To fully benefit from the skills and the experience of our people in your projects, we use proven agile processes: The intense agile collaboration of our cross-functional development teams results in a high degree of alignment, allows for more overall flexibility and reduces the time to market. As an active member of the team, customers themselves can influence the process at every stage of the cycle.

Joern Bock

Joern Bock

What makes an agile setting work is trust. Open communication is therefore a key element in our projects – within AOE as well as with the customer. Every team gets to make well-founded decisions in their field of expertise and collaboratively takes responsibility for their tasks."

AOE culture: community
without hierarchies

Thanks to close collaboration, team spirit, a quiet working atmosphere, open communication, and agile and nonhierarchical team structures, we can share our knowledge every day and continuously add to our expertise.

How we bring out the best in teams

Our offices and general working conditions are designed to support outstanding performance. Excellence needs both a professional work environment with space for concentration and collaboration and a culture that enables teams to operate
independently yet with all the necessary support.

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