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IT-Security made in Germany: now from AOE

June 30, 2021
Steffen RitterSteffen RitterCommercial Director Cybersecurity

At the beginning of the year, AOE's Cybersecurity department joined TeleTrusT. TeleTrusT is an industry association focusing on security in information technology (IT Security Association Germany).

An important result of the work of TeleTrusT is the trust seal "IT-Security made in Germany". It may be used by companies headquartered in Germany that commit themselves to TeleTrusT to do the following:

  • offering trustworthy IT security solutions
  • developing and researching them in Germany
  • not using backdoors in their products
  • being GDPR and BDSG compliant

Mark of conformity

A conformity mark is a voluntary commitment by a supplier to label products to indicate that they meet the quality characteristics and guidelines of the mark. The criteria are not checked before the mark can be used – but its use can be prohibited by the rights holder if the infringement becomes known. The best known conformity mark probably is the CE marking.

AOE is preparing to launch a SaaS offering in the security environment this summer. In the course of this, we have of course also committed ourselves to this high self-imposed standard and will in future use the trust seal "IT Security made in Germany". In addition to the benefit of a confidence-building measure, we are thus making a clear commitment to Germany as an IT location and to data sovereignty, and want to communicate clearly to our customers and partners that AOE can be trusted when it comes to IT security.