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Flamingo framework open sourced

April 03, 2019
Bastian IkeBastian IkeTechnical Director Cybersecurity

Flamingo says “hello world!” Why we at AOE have developed our own Open Source framework, what makes Flamingo special, and why we believe it can add value for you.

It all started in 2017. We were unhappy with the performance of E-Commerce frontends with existing frameworks. Therefore, we decided to develop our own frontend that meets the requirements of a microservices oriented architecture. The idea of Flamingo was born! Our goal: The development of a fast and flexible frontend framework in Go. It became much more than that.

After more than two years it is time for our Flamingo to fly. Our first commit was on February 3, 2017, but by October 2017, we had exchanged everything, so poor Flamingo technically lost his first memories. Yesterday evening, we transferred our work of the past two years to Github under the Open Source License v3.0. We are very grateful for all the contributions, in the form of code, discussion, criticism, ideas – but also (and especially) for the opportunity to build something that hopefully has a future at AOE and beyond.

What is Flamingo all about?

Flamingo is designed to create extremely fast applications. Flamingo consists of two major components, which can be used independently:

  • Flamingo Core: Build sophisticated web applications with customized web frontends according to your business processes and brand CI. More about Flamingo Core.
  • Flamingo Commerce: An additional set of pre-built, customizable E-Commerce features, built on Flamingo Core. Create your commerce experience on top of your headless E-Commerce, no matter which system you use. More about Flamingo Commerce.

We designed Flamingo to create an extremely fast and flexible frontend framework that can be used on any backend system.

So, what is available Open Source now?

Is Flamingo already being used?

Yes, we already use Flamingo in some of our enterprise projects, which is where we started developing, experimenting, improving and stabilizing it. Flamingo is already in use at Heathrow Airport and Auckland Airport. In the upcoming months, we will also be live in our projects with Singapore Airlines and Deutsche Telekom.

Information concerning Flamingo at

All necessary information can be found on the Flamingo website Please also read the documentation and visit the Beta Demoshop.

It's all Open Source, so you can use it for free. Try it out and use it for your projects. Examine and experiment with it. Feel free to contribute to Flamingo! Please let us know how you like it and send your feedback to! We look forward to hearing from you!